July 10, 2019
Police In Missouri Arrest Felony Suspect When Loud Fart Gives Away Their Hiding Spot

Police in Missouri searching for a felony suspect got some very unusual help in finding their hiding spot.

As Fox 9 reported, officers from the Liberty Police Department were searching for a person who had a felony arrest warrant and was also wanted for possession of a controlled substance. But the suspect apparently had some difficulty controlling their gas and let out a fart so loud that police were able to track down the hiding suspect.

The strange arrest was announced this week by the Clay County Sheriff's Office, which made light of the incident in a post on Facebook.

"If you've got a felony warrant for your arrest, the cops are looking for you and you pass gas so loud it gives up your hiding spot, you're definitely having a [poop emoji] day," the department said in a Facebook post, adding the hashtag "#ItHappened."

The post drew some viral interest, with people from across the country sharing it and adding their own commentary.

"They'll sniff you out," one person wrote.

"This guy is bad at hide and seek," another commented.

This is not the first time a farting crime story has gotten some viral attention. Back in 2013, police arrested a 37-year-old woman for allegedly stabbing her 53-year-old boyfriend after he farted in her face during an argument. As The Inquisitr reported, police were called to the couple's home but arrived to find the victim too drunk to talk to them. His girlfriend denied cutting the man but was arrested on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

In another incident last year, a much more tragic story played out on Transavia Airlines when passengers claimed that a man's farts were so overwhelming that it was making them sick. The flight to the Netherlands was diverted to Portugal and the man was taken off the flight, but the true story of his odor came to light a month later. As Live Science reported, the man was actually suffering from a flesh-eating bacteria that he acquired during a vacation to the Canary Islands. He later died from the infection. By that point, a number of news outlets that had reported on what appeared to be an odd, lighthearted story reported on the rather tragic update.

In Missouri, police have not released any other details about the farting suspect's arrest, including the name of the suspect or exactly what charges they face.