‘Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke Says Robin’s Spitting Scene Took 15 Takes

The breakout star of the Netflix hit's third season said she tried to make life easier for her co-star.

Stranger Things star Maya Hawke

The breakout star of the Netflix hit's third season said she tried to make life easier for her co-star.

Maya Hawke, the breakout star of Stranger Things 3, says she offered to compromise on a spitting scene in the Netflix drama series, but her co-star took one for the team by insisting he wanted things to be “authentic.”

Hawke, who plays Scoops Ahoy employee Robin in the Netflix sci-fi hit, told Sirius XM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show that the scene that required her to spit in the face of a Russian interrogator was the real deal—and that it took 15 takes to get it right. In the interview (part of which can be seen on YouTube), Hawke told McCarthy that she “offered” for the gross scene not to be real, perhaps with the help of CGI or other special effects, but her co-star insisted she spit at him.

“I offered for it not to be real. That was my instinct. But the guy whose face I was meant to spit in really felt that we would be benefitted by that moment being truly authentic and really wanted me to really spit in his face.”

Hawke said she put aside the “slightly creepy” thought and “just went for it.” Unfortunately, it took more than a dozen takes to get the scene down, which meant that there was a lot of spitting.

“It was very complicated. We shot that scene where [she and co-star Joe Keery] were tied up over a period of three days, and Joe and I were really tied up,” Hawke revealed, adding that her wrists were bound and she was tied to a wooden chair during the uncomfortable, three-day shoot.

Maya Hawke posted a clip of her epic spitting scene to Instagram, which garnered plenty of comments from fans shipping Robin and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), who are co-workers at the Starcourt Mall’s sailor-themed ice cream parlor. Others said Robin is now their new favorite character on Stranger Things.

“Russians vs Robin? I’ll pick Robin every time,” one Stranger Things fan wrote.

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Maya Hawke is actually the daughter of movie stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Elsewhere in the interview, the 21-year-old actress revealed that her famous parents were fans of Stranger Things even before she signed on to the cast.

“They both love the show and loved it before I was on it,” the actress told McCarthy, per Us Weekly. “I know my parents don’t BS me. They’re pretty rigorous in terms of their commentary when they like something or don’t.”

Both Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman have praised their daughter’s work on Stranger Things 3. Proud papa Ethan even posted an introductory Instagram message for his daughter, touting her leading role as Jo March in the BBC production of Little Women and her work at Juilliard, and telling his followers she’s the “real thing.” Based on that authentic spitting scene, she really is.

Stranger Things 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.