‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Michelle Stafford Says Goodbye To “Best Boy In The World’

Actress Michelle Stafford attends the Disney & ABC Television Group's TCA Winter Press Tour
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The Young and the Restless star, Michelle Stafford and her two children said a heartbreaking goodbye recently to her dog of 15 years, Beauregard.

The Phyllis Summers actress shared the story of loss on her Instagram page along with several pictures of her beautiful dog, and she explained her thought process on deciding to include her children, Natalia, 9, and Jameson, 3, in saying goodbye to their sweet pet. At first, Stafford felt tempted to simply wait until her children noticed that Beau was gone to tell them that he is in a better place to save them the pain of having to say a sad goodbye. However, she realized that in doing so, she might cause her kids to resent that choice in the future and keep them from learning how to experience loss and move forward with it while still living a happy life.

Both the actress’s children said goodbye to their beloved pet and told him what a good boy he’s been, and they shed some tears over losing him. Stafford’s daughter wanted to give Beau a funeral, and so they had one in their back yard. Later, at bedtime, Natalia told her mother that she was happy that Beau was no longer in pain, and Stafford realized her daughter might never have arrived at that conclusion had she attempted to shield her little one from it.

In the tribute Stafford penned in the caption of her post, she thanked Beauregard for teaching her such an important lesson, and let him know that he really is the best.

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Warning… obnoxiously long post. Today we said good bye to this good boy. I knew this day was coming soon. I was thinking of not telling my kids and just doing it alone. Not giving them a chance to say good bye. After all, they ceased 2 give him the attention they once had & I thought it was a better idea 2 tell them when they noticed he wasn’t around. “Oh, he passed on. But he is in a better place now”. That’s what we say, right? “He’s in a better place”. Truth be told, I didn’t want my kids 2b sad. Or feel pain. I wanted to make it easy for them. That’s my job as a parent. I suppose. Then I realized that my daughter would use that against me in years to come…right? “You just killed Beauregard with out letting me say goodbye”, she would probably say as a sassy 15 year old. Since I am not interested in giving my daughter ammunition against me… I decided to tell her what was going to happen to Beau. I’m joking but I did think it would ultimately be wrong to not let my kids say goodbye to him, pain or no pain. Pain & loss are funny things. None of us wanna feel it but it truly is inevitable. We seem 2b living in a world these days of feeling wronged 2 feel pain or loss or sadness. Or we pop a pill to “fix” it. Pain is a part of life. Honestly, how can we measure joy correctly if we haven’t felt sadness? So, my daughter was quite upset. We said good bye & told Beau he was the best boy in the world & thanked him 4 protecting us. We wished him well on his next adventure. I told Natalia it was important 2 tell him what a good boy he was. She did. J too. I listened as Natalia cried (keeping my composure) after all he had been my dog for 15 years. But our kids pick up on our emotions & copy us. I just wanted 2b there 4 her. I let her do whatever she wanted so we did a little funeral in the backyard. As we got ready 4 bed tonight she said “I’m glad for Beau, that he’s out of pain”… I don’t know if she would have come 2 that if I had chose not 2 tell her. Life is up & down & we gotta be willing 2 feel it all to really live it. We gotta let our kids feel it 2. Thank U Beauregard 4 teaching me a valuable lesson. You truly are THE BEST BOY IN THE WORLD❤️????????

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The actress’s followers, friends, and co-stars immediately posted messages of condolences and shared their own stories of loss and grief. “All of your comments are lovely. Thank you!! I have read every single one! Thank you, you beautiful people,” Stafford responded.

Lauren actress Tracey Bregman shared that she is so glad she got to tell Beau goodbye a couple of weeks ago when she last visited with him. Other co-stars who knew the dog like Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) commented with their thoughts about the well-loved pet. Hunter King (Summer Newman) and Kelly Kruger (MacKenzie Browning Hellstrom), who recently lost precious pets also sent their love to Stafford and her family during this tough time.

Last month, Stafford returned to Y&R and resumed the role of Phyllis, which she’d left in 2013. During the interim, Stafford portrayed Nina Reeves Cassidine on ABC’s General Hospital, and actress Gina Tognoni took over the role of Phyllis for the five years.

The Inquisitr sends its deepest condolences to Stafford and her children after losing Beau.