Ana Cheri Spills Out Of Barely-There Bikini

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Ana Cheri seems to be enjoying the summer months in a variety of bikinis. On Wednesday, she updated her Instagram account with a sexy swimwear snap that got her plenty of attention.

In the shot, the beauty wore a burgundy string bikini that left little to the imagination. The classic triangle top looked to barely hold Cheri’s ample assets, as she flashed plenty of side and underboob. The high-cut bottoms showed plenty of skin, and the model’s taut abs were also on display in the shot. Cheri leaned against a doorway with one knee bent — a pose that highlighted her curvy figure. The former Playboy model wore her hair down in loose waves tossed over one shoulder. With a full face of makeup, she gave the camera a sultry look. She accessorized the look with two gold necklaces — a gold bar necklace and a drop pendant necklace that rested between her breasts.

In the photo’s caption, Cheri wanted to know if her followers actually read the comments or if they simply looked at the photos. She asked her followers to let her know if they read her captions.

Considering the amount of emoji responses, it would seem that many of Cheri’s followers might not take the time to read her captions at all. However, a few fans read that particular caption and replied to it.

“Always read!,” one follower said.

“Both,” replied another.

“always read Ana,” a fan wrote.

“I always read your captions duh!!!!!” another follower said.

“Read and stare,” one fan quipped.

“I just double tap,” another follower admitted.

“Double tap then read the caption,” one fan said.

Most of the comments came from fans who could not help but notice how fantastic the model looked.

The Instagram sensation has shared many photos that show off her sexy figure, and her fans love it. From sexy dresses to workout attire, the model knows how to make just about anything look good.

Cheri also works hard at keeping fit. In addition to uploading sexy snaps, she also shares workout videos and tips for anyone looking to build a better body. The model owns Cheri Fit, where she offers women different fitness regimens to help them achieve their goals. From a 12-week fitness program to e-books on how to get fit, Cheri seems determined to help others.

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Double Tap and Save for Later! Back Workout ???????????? . ???????????????? @cheri_fit 50% OFF SALE is still going on through the weekend!! Link in my bio???????????????? . These exercises will help you build a nice hourglass ⏳shape and tone your back. . Cable Rear Delt Row: I tap myself to give a mental reminder to activate my muscle and squeeze! ???? (3 sets of 12 each arm) . Straight Arm Pulldown: keep your arms long and straight. Feel your lats stretch at the top and then squeeze them to bring your arms down.???????????????? (3 sets of 15) . Lat Pulldown w/ Side Emphasis: Be sure to feel the pinch and burn in your Lat AKA wings AKA the top of the hour glass ????????⏳ (3 sets of 15- do 5 regular, 5 right, 5 left one after another) . Plate Row: Keep your abs tight and back flat as you bend at the hips. Keep your elbows tight to your sides and your shoulders down away from your ears, focus on using the muscles in your back and not your traps/neck. (3 sets of 20) . Feel free to super set the first 2 and the last 2 exercises if possible. #Happy #Friday #Workout #fitness #fit #cherígang #cherifit

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