Al Qaeda Publishes English-Language Magazine For Militants

Al Qaeda is moving into the terrorist self help market with the release of an English-language magazine specifically designed for militants. This is actually not the first time that the terrorist organization has released a self-help informational publication.

At the end of February, US forces happened upon a pamphlet that was entitled “How to Avoid Drones,” in Mali. This particular magazine is reportedly more in depth and covers a wide variety of issues that any burgeoning terrorist would likely want more information about.

Reuters says that among the articles listed in this publication are articles on how to properly torch a car as well as how to cause traffic accidents with high efficiency. The Huffington Post points out that there is also a warning to France to pull out of Mali.

The publication also details 11 Western “celebrities” including Salmon Rushdie on its most wanted list. That Al Qaeda publishes an English-language magazine like this has got to have western forces on high alert.

Obviously the terrorist group is looking to branch out and go after potential recruits who might be from western countries like the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

Among the tips when it comes to starting a car on fire is to make sure and not get the petrol on yourself. The car accident section is almost cartoonish, telling its readers that they should dump oil on bends in roads in order to get cars to lose control.


Among the other Westerners who have been specifically called out by the magazine are Dutch politician Geert Wilders and Canadian-Somalian activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Both are hard line critics against Islamic extremists. US Pastor Terry Jones is also on the list.

Jones has been an outspoken critic of the Muslim faith. He gained notoriety last year when he staged a public burning of the Koran.

What do you think is the ultimate goal of Al Qaeda when it comes to publishing this English-language magazine?