Bashid McLean Has Been Charged With Murdering And Dismembering His Mother: Posed With Her Bloody Head In Photo

dismembered human remains of Tanya Byrd

Bronx, NY – The criminal complaint filed against Bashid McLean accuses the 23-year-old of murdering and dismembering his mother, 45-year-old Tanya Byrd. William Harris, 26, has been charged as an accomplice. They are both accused of chopping up Byrd’s corpse with a power saw, bagging the remains, and disposing of them in an attempt to conceal the crime of murder.

The Inquisitr previously reported on the arrest of the two young men potentially involved after the discovery of body parts near Yankee Stadium. Byrd’s head, torso, hands, and legs were found in plastic bags strewn among garbage in the South Bronx.

Authorities assess the killing resulted from an escalated argument between mother and son, Byrd wanting McLean to “grow up” and move out of her Morrisania neighborhood apartment. McLean stabbed the woman to death, and with the help of Harris, cut her up and scattered her remains. The two used three heavy-duty garbage bags, zipped inside luggage, and dumped them in several locations in the Morrisania area. One of the bags was later discovered by a dog-walker.

McLean arrived in court Friday for arraignment donned in a black plastic garbage bag. Authorities are concerned as he’s not taking his medication, and have placed him on suicide watch. During the court appearance, McLean made several outbursts and was ultimately ordered to be held without bail.

McLean asserts he’s done nothing wrong. According to NBC New York, the two men have told officials different versions of the events surrounding Byrd’s death and disposal.

McLean left the apartment he shared with his mother at about 3 am to go to the ATM. McLean told investigators when he returned, his friend had stabbed Byrd to death and threatened to kill him and his 6-year-old brother if McLean didn’t help get rid of the body.

posing with body parts for pictures

Investigating officers have since discovered especially damning evidence of several gruesome self-taken keepsakes of McLean posing with his mother’s dissected remains on his cell phone. McLean appears the opposite of afraid and bereft or under duress to perform as he smirks for the camera, presenting the severed head as one would a trophy after a prize hunt.

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