‘The Young And The Restless’ Star Slays Whitney Houston Song

Singer Loren Lott attends "Everything, Everything" Screening and Brunch.
Paras Griffin / CBS

It’s no secret that The Young and the Restless star and former American Idol contestant Loren Lott can sing. The actress also brings an energy and breath of fresh air to everything she does. While Whitney Houston is a tough singer to cover, when Tacotopia asked her to do a pop-up performance, Lott found herself up to the challenge creating the best Taco Tuesday ever.

After enjoying many of the taco-themed activities and sharing them to her Instagram story, Lott sang a stunning rendition of Houston’s 1987 hit “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” During the performance, Lott’s energy took over, and she took the dancing lyrics to heart and busted a few moves while encouraging (and getting) some audience participation.

In the comments of her post, Lott apologized to her vocal coach, Tara Simon, for not following her advice.

“I wanna apologize to my vocal coach @tarasimonstudios who tried to help me tone it down beforehand to make sure I didn’t get too excited singing this song and hit crazy notes cuz I’m dancing too much,” wrote Lott.

The fantastic performance racked up more than 20,000 views from the star’s nearly 100,000 Instagram followers in just over half a day, and many of Lott’s friends and followers took the time to leave an encouraging reply.

“WOW! You brought me back to the days when my friends and I would PULL OUR CAR OVER ON THE ROADSIDE, to get out and DANCE when this song would come on the radio,” replied one follower who didn’t recommend pulling over like this these days due to distracted drivers.

On the show, Lott portrays Devon Hamilton Winters’ sister Ana, and Ana is a music executive managing Tessa’s (Cait Fairbanks) second chance music career. While Ana doesn’t often sing on the show, she did take the stage at Society when Devon dedicated it to Neil (Kristoff St. John), and many of the actress’s fans enjoyed hearing her singing in Genoa City.

While Ana isn’t interested in pursuing a music career, she still enjoys writing music and being involved in the industry. However, Devon is not thrilled with her recent actions in releasing an amateur video of Tessa with poor sound quality, so he hired Theo (Tyler Johnson) to mentor her, and she’s not entirely sold on Theo.

Lott is an incredible talent who brings joy and light to the things she pursues, and she absolutely slayed the beloved Whitney Houston song.