‘Modern Family’ Actors Get Stuck In Elevator [Video]

modern family

Celebrities, they get stuck in elevators just like us.

A group of TV stars from the show Modern Family got stuck in elevator last night on their way to a fundraiser.

Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson were stuck in an elevator at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at the Crown Center on Friday night with about 15 other people.

It’s unclear how long they were stuck in the elevator for but Jesse Tyler Ferguson said that it was at least 45 minutes.

Ferguson wrote on Twitter: “This is us right now. 45 minutes stuck in this elevator.”

ABC reports that the three Emmy winning TV stars were expected to headline the Kids Night Out 2013 fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City. The actors eventually made it to the stage but due to the elevator delay they were about an hour late for the event.

Stonestreet said: “I honestly handled being stuck in an elevator for 50min better than I thought. All @jessetyler did was pass wind.”

Here’s a video about the ordeal from ABC.


Do you think this would make a great episode of Modern Family? Apparently a lot of other people do, too.