At Ivana Trump’s Wedding, Donald Trump Jr. Threatened Her Husband, Rossano Rubicondi

Rossano Rubicondi and Ivana Trump attends the Lambertz Monday Night Schoko & Fashion
Ralf Juergens / Getty Images

According to an eyewitness, Ivana Trump’s wedding to Rossano Rubicondi got off to a rough start when Donald Trump Jr. gave a threatening toast at their wedding at Mar-a-Lago.

Ben Widdicombe of Town & Country was in attendance when things took a turn during what is normally the father of the bride speech. It was Ivana’s eldest son, Don Jr., who gave her away at the service and then delivered the speech which put everyone in attendance a bit on edge.

Weeks before Trump and Rubicondi tied the knot, there was what the Palm Beach Police called a “domestic disturbance” at their home, allegedly over the prenuptial. In what was later called a “spat,” the groom was reportedly put in handcuffs before the officers eventually uncuffed him and left the residence.

However, that incident turned the Trump children against Rubicondi and cast a shadow over the wedding. Widdicombe revealed he was sitting in the dining room at Mar-a-Lago, with the Trump children and Donald Trump in attendance when Don Jr. gave his speech over dessert.

“We are a construction company and we have job sites, we lose people. You better treat her right, because I have a .45 and a shovel.”

Widdicombe explains that the groom stiffened at the suggestion, but the son of Ivana Trump then made the crowd laugh when he added that his mom has “great boobs.”

This helps to explain the complicated relationship between Rubicondi and his stepchildren, who he now calls “garbage,” according to The Inquisitr. Ivana Trump, 70, and Rubicondi, 47, have broken up and gotten back together several times. Just recently, they have called it off again, and now claim it’s for good.

The Trump children’s now-former stepfather took the opportunity of the recent breakup to say that the three adult kids have been rude to him.

“They are nobody. . . They are disgusting. We are talking about kids who are so stupid, except Ivanka,” he added.

He particularly dislikes Donald Trump Jr. and wanted to put that on the record.

“Don Jr. is an idiot. He’s a jerk. Put it down: ‘You are a jerk.’ Put it in capital letters!”

Rubicondi stresses that if he could, he would wash their mouths out with soap. He is Ivana Trump’s fourth husband, and she now says she is done with marriage and simply wants a companion. She explains that her relationship with Rubicondi “ran its course,” and she believes he now wants a family of his own. Furthermore, she added, she has plenty of suitors.

“I don’t want to date. I like to have companions, and I have plenty of men who take me for lunches and dinners and balls or charity events. I don’t want to be attached.”