Apple Tablet Rumors Point To $1000 Price, March Release

The Wall Street Journal ruined my day today when they released a report stating that the Apple Tablet would sell for closer to a $1000 price point than earlier projections of $400-$600. I can't say that I'm all that surprised by the annoucement, especially considering that the Apple price points for their fully featured notebooks and PCs are closer to the new pricing. That same report also announced a March release date with a late January reveal.

The tablet is expected to feature either a 10 or 11 inch display, possibly play iPhone apps and offer full computing for games, web surfing, business use and other functions.

It's also being reported that the device may offer nationwide WiFi which could lend itself to a subsidized mobile carrier price point, although very little is known about that feature or possible partners at this time.

Hopefully we'll know more by the end of January, I for one am getting sick of rumors surfacing from the middle of nowhere.