Heidi Klum Embraces Tokyo By Writing In Japanese, By Posing While Wearing Nothing On Instagram

Heidi Klum has been visiting Tokyo for the past few days to shoot her new show, Making The Cut, with Tim Gunn. She's traveling with her fiancé, Tom Kaulitz, who seems to always be nearby his true love these days.

To show how much she has embraced Japan and the Japanese culture, Heidi put up an Instagram post in which she was apparently wearing nothing at all. The post showed a sexy yet sleepy version of herself as she smiled wide just before the short video ended.

Accompanying the social media offering -- which indicated that nearly half a million fans had looked at the post during the previous 12 hours -- was a comment Klum made in Japanese.

Roughly translated, the letters 私の人生のおやすみなさい愛私は私の目を閉じてあなたの夢 (Watashinojinsei no oyasuminasai ai watashi wa watashi no mewotojite anata no yume) mean "Good night, my love. I'll close my eyes and dream of you."

In an earlier Instagram and Twitter post that showed Heidi walking along a Tokyo street corner in front of a store of some sort that looked odd but inviting, the bilingual German-English model-mogul also practiced her Japanese. She captioned the pic "Konnichiwa" -- meaning "good day."

The exceptionally alluring blonde has been keeping Instagram followers apprised of her travels as she has gone from New York to Paris to Tokyo in recent weeks, The Inquisitr noted.

Meanwhile, Heidi wanted her followers to know that she loves Tokyo. She shouted that sentiment in a Twitter video posted on July 7.

In that social media offering, the slender mother of four was wearing a bright red bra, with her assets pouring out of the skimpy garment as she swayed to music that sang out, "Slow down." In the post -- one on which she added purple flowers -- the lovely lady was standing in front of the Tokyo skyline, likely from inside her Japanese hotel room.

Obviously, this 46-year-old traveler enjoys soaking up the local culture in every place she visits, for work and for pleasure.

She also isn't afraid to show off her perfect physique. In April, she showed up on Instagram taking off her bikini top while posing from atop a diving board.

As more of her social media accounts show, this high profile star has never been afraid to show off her assets, now or in the past. In fact, this is her norm. She explained how that happened in a story Fox News found on Ocean Drive.
"We didn't have a lot of money, so we'd go camping a lot and my parents chose nude campsites, so nudity became normal for me. You stand out more if you cover up. And I loved it."
To see more of Heidi Klum, watch her new television program, Making The Cut, when the new show with Tim Gunn airs in 2020, as The Inquisitr stated in an earlier report.