Camille Grammer Dissed For Mean Behavior As She Says Teddi Mellencamp Isn’t ‘Worth’ Her Time On ‘RHOBH’

Teddi Mellencamp was shocked by her co-star's antics.

Teddi Mellencamp appears on 'Watch What Happens Live.'
Charles Sykes / Bravo

Teddi Mellencamp was shocked by her co-star's antics.

Teddi Mellencamp will be seen in a war of words with Camille Grammer during tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 finale episode.

In a sneak peek at the July 9 episode shared by Hollywood Life, Grammer was seen telling Kyle Richards that she felt ganged up on by the cast during a prior meeting, before lashing out at Mellencamp in a very condescending and derogatory manner.

“Shut it down! Shut it down! Shut it down!” Grammer yelled over and over as Mellencamp attempted to mediate the conversation she was having with Richards.

“You’re not worth my time,” Grammer then said as she turned her head with sass and put her palm up in the direction of Mellencamp’s face.

“Don’t be so condescending all the time,” Mellencamp requested.

But Grammer didn’t bite and continued to act aggressively after she spoke closely to Richards’ face and told her how disappointed she was in her behavior. Meanwhile, Richards was left completely confused and pointed out that it was actually Grammer who was apologizing just a couple of nights prior.

In another scene, Mellencamp was seen explaining what had happened to Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne.

“I don’t like being talked down to,” Mellencamp told her co-stars.

Then, during a cast confessional, Mellencamp said that while she could have gone after Grammer in the way she came after her, she decided not to react to her “sh**ty behavior.”

Mellencamp has grown quite close to Richards and her co-stars, including Rinna and Jayne, in recent years. So, when it came to Grammer’s treatment of Mellencamp, it wasn’t too surprising to see that Richards was unhappy. That said, fans will have to wait and see exactly how the scene plays out later tonight.

Following tonight’s drama, fans will be seeing even more drama between Mellencamp and Grammer during the upcoming three-part Season 9 reunion special, which begins airing next Tuesday. As fans may have seen on the Bravo TV website, a recent sneak peek has made it clear that Grammer found herself at the center of the controversy during the June 5 taping of the upcoming episodes. In fact, at one point in the clip, Grammer was seen screaming at her co-stars as she accused them of disrespecting her in Hawaii after her wedding to David C. Meyer.

To see more of Mellencamp, Grammer, and their co-stars, don’t miss The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 finale episode tonight, July 9 at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.