Lindsay Lohan Goes Topless, Barely Escapes Wardrobe Malfunction In Low Hanging Pants

Lindsay Lohan attends MTV's "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" Premiere Party at Moxy Times Square
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Lindsay Lohan is showing off some serious skin on social media this week. The actress wasn’t shy about flaunting her figure in her latest photos, and her fans loved it.

On Tuesday, Lindsay Lohan took to her Instagram account to share a set of new, topless photos. In the pictures, the Mean Girls star goes completely topless as she covers her bare chest with nothing but her long, red hair.

In the majority of the sexy snapshots, Lohan is seen wearing no shirt and showing off her lean arms, flat tummy, and toned abs. She has her long, red mane parted down the middle and styled in straight strands that fall down her back and over her shoulders to cover her topless figure.

Lindsay also wears a full face of makeup in the photos, which includes darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, and a glossy lip. She also wears a black bracelet on her wrist.

In the final shot, Lindsay covers up her bare chest with an open jacket, which puts her ample cleavage on full display. The actress also dons a pair of black pants, which she tugs down to expose even more skin, showing off her trim hips and narrowly avoiding a wardrobe malfunction in the process.

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay Lohan also posted a photo of herself completely naked earlier this month in honor of her 33rd birthday.

In that photo, Lohan sat on the floor in front of a mirror nude as she snapped a picture of herself in nothing but a diamond ring, gold bangle bracelets, and studded earrings.

Lindsay used her arms and legs to cover herself in the photo, which over 400,000 likes from her 7.7 million followers.

Meanwhile, the actress has also been hard at work on some new music. Despite leaving the Hollywood lifestyle behind and moving to Mykonos, Lohan has decided to put out some new music.

Lindsay’s first album, Speak, reached as high as No. 4 on the Billboard charts with hits like “Rumors” and “Over.” She quickly released a second album titled A Little More Personal, with songs like “Confessions of a Broken Heart.”

Recently, Lohan inked a new deal with Casablanca Records, the same company that released her first two records. She’ll likely have new music out in the near future, and her die-hard fans can’t wait to hear how she sounds after all of these years.

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