Dolph Lundgren Discusses ‘The Avengers,’ On-Screen Violence

Dolph Lundgren isn’t a very big fan of PG-13 violence.

The 80s action hero and Expendables co-star recently discussed what he thinks people want from modern action movies. According to Cinema Blend, Lundgren recently discussed the stylized violence found in director Joss Whedon’s The Avengers.

Since the action contained in the box office hit doesn’t feature any on-screen blood, Dolph Lundgren feels some moviegoers are essentially getting cheated.

He explained to the Los Angeles Times:

“There will always be an exploration of new technology in things like ‘The Avengers’ — that was a great movie, by the way — but I think certainly for part of the audience, if you fire a thousand bullets and there’s not a drop of blood, there’s something wrong with that. Part of the audience wants to see real explosions and real fights and that kind of real machismo.”

The MIT student-turned-actor also talked about where his career is headed. He said he wants to begin “study acting and pick roles with some challenge.”

Death and Taxes explains that Dolph Lundgren is currently hitting the promotional circuit for his upcoming direct-to-video action movie The Package. The low-budget action flick also stars Steve Austin.

Although he fell out of the public eye for a while, Lundgren is enjoying a bit of a career resurgence as of late. In addition to the Expendables franchise, the actor has appeared in a number of straight-to-video action movies. One of his most recent films was Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning.

Dolph Lundgren starred in director Mark Goldblatt’s adaptation of The Punisher back in 1989. The film cast Lundgren in the role of Frank Castle, a vigilante who spends a lot of his time meditating in the sewer when he isn’t fighting crime.

The trailer for The Package has been embedded below.

Are you a fan of Dolph Lundgren? Do you agree with his opinions regarding The Avengers and on-screen violence?