Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Shiloh Pushes Boundaries And Faces Fierce Backlash

Coby Ryan McLaughlin plays Shiloh on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

Dawn of Day leader Shiloh is ready to cause a fresh round of trouble during Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that he will set his sights on someone else in Port Charles, but he seemingly will not get very far.

The sneak peek that aired at the end of Tuesday’s show teased that Shiloh will try to introduce himself to Sasha. It seems likely that he will eye her as a new potential Dawn of Day member, and the fact that she is friendly with Michael would probably just be the icing on the cake to Shiloh.

However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Shiloh will not get much of a chance to connect with Sasha. The preview teases that someone will come flying through the air and physically tackle Shiloh as he tries to introduce himself to Sasha. The clip only showed a second of this, but it appears that it’s Michael who does this.

Viewers know that Michael despises Shiloh, both for what he did to Kristina as well as to Willow. There is no way that Michael will want the Dawn of Day leader to get anywhere near Sasha now that he knows so much about him. Michael already physically intervened when the DOD head got too close to Willow during the Nurses Ball so he probably won’t hesitate to do it again.

Soap Central notes that at some point this week, Sasha will make up her mind about something. It seems likely this is in connection to her desire to make Port Charles her permanent home, despite Valentin’s reservations about this plan. If Michael does swoop in and save her from Shiloh, that might just be what helps her solidify her decision to stick around.

As Shiloh faces this scuffle, Sam will be ready to share some new information she has about him. She managed to connect with Carol in Beecher’s Corners and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will now be anxious to reveal what she has pieced together.

Previews show Sam at the PCPD, telling Robert and Chase that she has evidence against Henry David Archer, Shiloh’s real name. Robert hasn’t been all that involved in this Dawn of Day mess up to this point, but Chase will certainly be anxious to learn what Sam has to share.

What will it take to finally bring down Shiloh? How close will he get to “Wiley” before he can be eliminated as a threat? General Hospital spoilers hint that there are still a few twists and turns on the way with this storyline and it looks like Wednesday’s show will include some interesting developments.