Heidi Montag Dishes On Spencer Pratt & Brody Jenner’s ‘Hills’ Feud, Says What You See ‘Isn’t Always The Truth’

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Spencer Pratt’s beef with Brody Jenner goes back more than a year, and now fans are getting an inside look at what went down between the MTV stars. On the most recent episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, the former besties had words at a daytime gathering at “Brandon’s mom’s house” (translation: Pamela Anderson’s sweet California pad), and later capped things off with a screaming match set to the soundtrack of musical guest Justin Bobby’s wailing.

During the fight, fingers were pointed and feelings were hurt as Brody and Spencer came at one another. But Pratt’s wife, Hills: New Beginnings costar Heidi Montag, took to Twitter to say it’s not all as it seems.

I’ll never blame the edit, but what you see…isn’t always the truth. Especially when it comes to that Spencer/Brody fight. #TheHills.”

Tensions between Spencer and Brody reached an all-time high at Brandon Lee’s pool party celebrating Spencer’s Pratt Daddy Crystals. Pratt was not at all pleased that his former drinking buddy wouldn’t tie one on with him on a Tuesday afternoon. After Brody said he’d be more “inclined” to drink if his wife, Kaitlynn Carter, was there. Spencer later accused him of being “controlled” by his wife. Pratt also alleged that Brody stopped inviting him to social events once he got involved with Kaitlynn, per TooFab.

“Kaitlynn doesn’t like me. In 5 years of them being together, they have a lot of parties and I see a lot of people at them and I’ve never been invited to one of them.”

While Spencer Pratt admitted in a confessional that he “missed” his old party buddy, things took an even more dramatic turn during a meetup at a bar to watch Justin Bobby’s acoustic performance.

Before her husband Brody showed up, Kaitlynn Carter talked about plans for a trip to Las Vegas to see Brody’s DJ gig, but Heidi Montag revealed that Spencer wasn’t invited. Carter disputed that claim, but in a confessional, Heidi Montag accused her of trying to “cover” for Brody.

“Kaitlynn is trying to BS me right now. You don’t help your husband when you cover up for him. Brody texted other people to come to Vegas and he never texted us.”

Heidi also pointed out that Spencer was “upset” Brody never came to see their son, Gunner, after he was born. When Brody got wind of that one, he pulled Spencer aside to talk it out, but things exploded. Spencer told Brody he would have “made it a huge priority” to meet his child if he ever had a son, and Brody replied that Spencer didn’t invite him to Gunner’s first birthday party. Spencer pointed out that Brody “never invited” him to anything, including his wedding. Brody later said he was “hurt” by Spencer.

During The Hills: New Beginnings broadcast, Spencer Pratt fired off a series of tweets in which he explained his side of the story. You can see Spencer’s tweets below.

Brody Jenner teased the episode by referring to Spencer Pratt as a “jealous” ex. In other words, it sounds like fans should stay tuned because this feud is far from over.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.