Sara Underwood Gets Wet In Outdoor Shower

Sara Underwood appears in front of a step and repeat.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Former Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood is constantly tantalizing her 9.2 million Instagram followers by sharing sizzling photos of herself in breathtaking natural locations. She’s spending time with her partner, Jacob Witzling, putting together cabins in the Pacific Northwest — all part of a project called Cabinland.

Today, Underwood decided to flaunt a recent addition to the project, as well as her enviable physique.

As the model explained in the photo’s caption, the duo recently installed an outdoor shower that provides the opportunity to get clean while out in the woods. While some people may have just photographed the shower, Underwood knows her followers enjoy seeing scantily clad photos of her physique — so that’s what she gave them.

In the picture, Underwood wore a patterned bikini that barely contained all of her assets. The top was a classic string bikini-style top that struggled to cover up her ample curves, while the bottoms stretched across her hips. Underwood is pictured rinsing her hair under the water, her back arched to treat her followers to even more curves.

The bikini Underwood wore in the picture is from designer Andi Bagus, who she made sure to tag in the caption. And, according to the geotag, Underwood’s new outdoor shower is located somewhere in the Olympic National Forest.

Underwood’s followers adored the sizzling picture, which received over 18,800 likes in less than 20 minutes. As usual, the comments section was quickly filled with compliments praising Underwood’s toned body and curvy physique.

“That bikini matches your bod perfectly. So gorgeous,” one fan said.

“Wow! you look incredible & what a beautiful setting,” another follower — one whom couldn’t decide whether they were more impressed by Underwood’s body or by the background — enthused.

In the background of the photo, one of Underwood and Witzling’s cabins is pictured. Moss and other greenery have covered the roof of the cabin, making it blend into the surroundings of the forest. The cabin also has several unique architectural features, including the impressive triangular windows, which are visible in the photograph.

A small torch with a candle has been placed in the bottom left corner of the scene, presumably to scare away all of the bugs that may have been attracted to the moisture and humidity that the outdoor shower created.

Anyone who opted to shower in the outdoor space wouldn’t have much privacy, as there do not appear to be any doors or curtains. However, Underwood herself doesn’t seem to mind — she’s pictured looking absolutely overjoyed with her surroundings.