Farrah Abraham’s Bizarre Bottle Cap Challenge Video Brutally Slammed By Fans

Television personality and adult film actress Farrah Abraham attends the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Farrah Abraham tried her hand at the popular bottle cap challenge that many celebrities have participated in online. However, Farrah’s attempt didn’t go as smoothly as that of many other stars.

In a brand new video posted to her Instagram account, Farrah Abraham is seen using a bottle of window cleaner, instead of alcohol, for the challenge.

The former Teen Mom OG star loosens the bottle’s cap completely and sits it on top of the bottle before trying to kick it off.

Farrah dons a skimpy gray sports bra in the video, which flaunts her flat tummy and toned abs. She adds a pair of skin-tight gray leggings, which she later twerks in, showing off her curvy backside.

Abraham has her long, brown hair parted to the side and styled in long, straight strands which she has pulled back into pigtails that fall over her shoulders.

The reality star also dons a full face of makeup in the video, which includes darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, pink blush on her cheeks, a bronzed glow, and a pink color on her lips.

Farrah’s first few attempts to kick the cap off of the bottle fail as she misses the cap completely. Laughing off her mistakes, she then tries to twerk in front of the bottle, hoping that will jar the cap off.

In the clips, Farrah Abraham calls herself a “domestic goddess,” and even puts some plastic gloves on her hands in order to preserve her manicure.

Farrah does eventually kick the bottle and sends the entire thing flying off into the yard in front of her. She then tries again and kicks the cap off successfully.

After kicking the cap off of the bottle, Farrah holds it up to herself like an award, and says she wants to “thank all of the cap goddesses out there.”

Abraham’s social media followers immediately took to the comment section to slam the reality star.

“What drugs are you on?” one follower asked, gaining nearly 400 likes on the comment.

“I was wondering the same thing,” another social media user replied to the comment.

Another fan revealed that they believed Abraham was on the verge of a “mental breakdown,” while a fourth follower stated that they believed Farrah had “lost it” and needed “professional help.”

Another comment, which gathered nearly 80 likes, had one follower claiming that they had “lost brain cells” just by watching the bizarre clip.

Fans can check out Farrah Abraham’s bottle cap challenge video by heading over to her Instagram account.