‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Julian May Save Drew From Kim’s Crazy Plan

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode tease that Port Charles will be rocked by several new developments. Monday’s show was a wild one, and the action seemingly picks up right where it left off with this July 9 offering.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Kim will manage to get Drew to a room on the Haunted Star. She seemingly drugged him and fans immediately cringed over what they figure she plans to do next. She has been obsessed with trying to get pregnant by Drew, and it seems she is trying to find a way around the fact that he already said no.

Luckily, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian may be the one to interrupt Kim before she can take things too far. The preview shows Julian looking down with a shocked expression on his face as he appears to be in one of the rooms on the yacht.

Julian will ask what is going on, and it seems likely that he’s looking at a drugged-up Drew on the bed with Kim next to him. It’s not known yet how far things will proceed between Kim and Drew in this crazy plan of hers, but spoilers do hint that she won’t accomplish what she had in mind.

Both Drew and Julian have done their best to support Kim as she grieves Oscar’s death. General Hospital spoilers had hinted that she would soon cross a line that left both men stunned, and it looks as if this is what that teaser referenced.

It sounds as if Drew will find a way to keep the full picture in perspective here, taking into consideration how broken Kim has been since Oscar died. SheKnows Soaps shares that he’ll be forgiving someone, and everybody will see Kim doing a lot of apologizing during Wednesday’s show.

Will Kim find a healthier way to cope with the loss of Oscar after this crazy plan involving Drew? Will her romance with Julian be able to survive these rocky moments? Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding this trio should emerge soon.

Tuesday’s episode will also show what’s next with Hayden’s return, as she shocked everybody when she showed up unannounced at Elizabeth and Franco’s reception. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will speak with Finn rather quickly as the reception continues, but it doesn’t sound as if she’ll drop any baby bombshells yet.

Obrecht will also seemingly get rescued from the water, and Maxie will talk with Peter about her pursuit of Dante. Ava will be frustrated and agitated over her experience with the psychic, and spoilers indicate that something will have Jax feeling delightfully surprised. It sounds as if plenty of crazy developments are on the way as this week continues, with fans anxious to see what comes next.