Miley Cyrus Makes ‘Tough T*tties’ Statement In Red Latex

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

Miley Cyrus’ Instagram is going full steam right now. The SHE IS COMING singer’s “Mother’s Daughter” track now has a music video, plenty of media attention, and a brand new social media update.

Earlier today, the 26-year-old updated her account. Fans familiar with the “Mother’s Daughter” video will have likely recognized the image – a close-up of a red latex bodysuit with blonde hair strands at its edges matches what the music video shows. Miley and her glossy outfit feature heavily throughout the footage.

Miley appeared to have taken one of the video’s full-frontal moments for her still image update today. The picture of the star’s chest appeared to be making a bold statement from lettering across it, which appeared in all caps.

“Mother’s Daughter” has proven edgy with its flashing phrases. Alongside “TOUGH T*TTIES,” the video also sends fans “VIRGINITY IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT” – the five words featuring near the beginning of the video proved the basis for an Instagram update made earlier today by Miley.

While the 2019-released song centers around acceptance and breaking down barriers from size to disability, it does include some sexual themes. Robot-like nipples are seen in motion towards the beginning of the video. Fans may well feel that both this and today’s Instagram update are pointing towards the “free the nipple” movement.

“Free the nipple” seems to have become a full-blown movement. While members of the general public will take to social media using the hashtag, the concept seems to be one that’s embraced by the celebrity world. Miley herself is known for appearing in tops without a bra. Likewise embracing the feminism-based approach with braless or semi-sheer upper clothing are supermodel Kendall Jenner and her makeup mogul sister Kim Kardashian.

Miley’s video has sparked controversy. Raunchy dancing and crotch-grabbing have proven a bit much for some fans. Likewise, a headline-maker has been the medically obese and naked woman featured alongside empowering lyrics of “she got the power.”

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, “fat acceptance” based on the woman featured caused outrage. Fans took to social media by the masses to query whether Miley was promoting the normalization of obesity – concerns were mostly that the singer wasn’t pointing towards the health risks of maintaining such a high BMI.

Overall, however, Miley’s video appears to have left fans empowered. Be it for its inclusiveness or forward-thinking, the video seems to have seen fans glad that “Mother’s Daughter” was released.