Miley Cyrus’ Red Latex Instagram Video Hijacked Following Cameron Boyce Death

Rebecca Cukier - Author

Jul. 9 2019, Updated 6:40 a.m. ET

Miley Cyrus’ Instagram followers appear to be mourning the recent death of Cameron Boyce as the Disney actor died tragically at the age of 20 over the weekend following a seizure. While celebrity tributes have been pouring in from Boyce’s Descendants co-stars amid others, it appears that the actor’s name has hijacked a recent Instagram update from the SHE IS COMING singer.

On Monday, Miley updated her Instagram with a video clip from her newly-released “Mother’s Daughter” track. The music video sees the 26-year-old don a skintight latex bodysuit in glossy red. While Miley has already sent fans multiple updates showcasing the look, her posts have included an agenda. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, one of Miley’s recent videos asked fans to list empowering aspects in their lives.

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Miley’s video yesterday asked fans to list three major “changes” they’d like to see happen in a more peace-embracing society. While a response from PETA shot to the top, a touching comment acknowledging Boyce’s death appears to have hijacked the update.

“Bring Cameron Boyce back” received over 1,600 likes.

The mention of this newly-deceased star also launched over 35 replies. It looks like Miley’s fans had been hit hard by the loss.

“Your answer literally made me cry,” one fan wrote.

“YESS PLEASE OMG. just finished hysterically crying about him like my stomach hurts now” was another response.

Although celebrity Instagram updates can sometimes be hijacked for negative reasons, it looks like the mention of Boyce was getting upvoted in the best possible way – quite simply, fans wanted to see recognition of his passing.

Responses to the comment also appeared to include other deceased celebrities.

“Along with Mac Miller, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, etc…”

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Miley’s video prompted many other types of responses. While some were humorous, others appeared more serious. Veganism manifested as a popular response, alongside a mention of animated movie franchise Shrek. It did seem that fans were out to see a better world overall. That, in itself, is the basis for Miley’s “Mother’s Daughter” track. The music video may have raised eyebrows for its sexual themes and raunchy dancing, but the self-acceptance concepts forming its backbone have largely proven well-received.

“Mother’s Daughter” features empowering lyrics and footage of individuals who do not conform to societal norms – a transgender individual in a wheelchair and a medically obese and naked woman are among the individuals featured.

Miley’s update proved popular overall, racking up over 1.8 million views and bringing in over 4,900 comments.


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