‘One Piece’ Episode 893 Spoilers: Luffy Versus Emperor Kaido’s Army, Zoro In Huge Trouble

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The latest episode of One Piece featured the arrival of Monkey D. Luffy in the Land of Wano. However, after being swallowed by a giant whirlpool, Luffy got separated from Nami, Brook, Tony Tony Chopper, Carrot and Vinsmoke Sanji. In One Piece Episode 892, Luffy woke up on the shore of the Land of Wano, together with the Thousand Sunny.

After regaining consciousness, Luffy tried to remember what happened when he drowned in the giant whirlpool. While thinking about his crew, Luffy started to sense a group monsters approaching his location. In the preview for One Piece Episode 893, Luffy is set to clash with the armies of Kaido, the captain of the Beast Pirates and one of the Four Emperors of the Sea.

“Surrounded by samurai, Zoro is in a desperation situation. Will he be able to use his technique without his swords? Meanwhile, Luffy meets a mysterious girl Otama and clashes with the Emperor of the Sea Kaido’s army. The battle in the Land of Wano finally begins.”

The One Piece Episode 893 preview showed two huge beasts fighting against each other. One beast is holding a sword and resembles a gorilla, while the other resembles a dragon and a lion in one body. While the two beasts are clashing, Emperor Kaido’s subordinates arrived on the shore and saw Luffy. They immediately fired their guns, but Luffy easily dodged them and beat the attackers.

After beating Emperor Kaido’s men, Luffy met a girl named Otama. With the help of Luffy, Otama managed to stop the two beasts from fighting. She also succeeded in turning the beast formerly owned by the Beast Pirates into her pet by feeding it.

Aside from Luffy’s clash with the Beast Pirates, the One Piece Episode 893 preview also featured the continuation of the battle of Roronoa Zoro with the samurais of the Land of Wano. After being mistaken as the “slasher” and accused of stealing the famous sword Shusui from the grave, Zoro was arrested by the samurais. On the day of his trial, he was sentenced to commit Seppuku, a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment.

However, instead of killing himself, Zoro coated the knife with his Haki and slashed the magistrate, whom he believes is the real “slasher.” Zoro also ended up killing the samurais who tried to avenge the magistrate. In the One Piece Episode 893 preview, Zoro regained all his swords and became a more formidable fighter against his enemies.