Shania Twain's Farewell Tour: 'But Not Retired'

Shania Twain did not tour for years, and now that she is touring in 2015, she says this is her farewell tour. However, are we supposed to believe that Shania Twain's farewell tour is a retirement tour? Will this be the last that we hear from Shania Twain once her summer-long farewell tour ends?

Many articles have stated that they are devastated to learn that Shania Twain is announcing her first tour in 11 years only to immediately go back on hiatus. However, Shania Twain was quick to point out to a Canadian news source a few days after her farewell tour was announced that this is not the end of her career in the slightest.

In fact, Shania Twain tells CTV News, "it will be sad to say goodbye" when her farewell tour ends at the end of summer. Despite this, CTV News goes on to say, "she wants her fans to know she will not stop making music."

According to TIME Magazine, The Rock This Country farewell tour will begin on June 5 in Seattle and continue for a couple of months over the summer. The final show will be August 23 in Fresno, California. Previously, Shania Twain was doing a two-year stint at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that ended in December.

The Washington Post adds, "It's a triumph she plans to punctuate with the release of a new album — possibly on her 50th birthday, August 28. They also quote Shania Twain's thoughts about her farewell tour and she says, "I really want to go out with a bang."

About the farewell tour, Shania Twain elaborated to CTV News, saying that it would be an after-party to her Las Vegas experience. Shania Twain also indicated that the farewell tour would be something different than what she did for her Vegas shows and that she wants to, "get into the audience as much as I can."

Despite all this, Shania Twain reiterated for CTV News that she will not stop making music after the farewell tour concludes. In fact, she will be resuming her recording work after the summer farewell tour is over and says, "I'm not retiring by any means.... I've got so much to do musically."

Musicians Wes Mack and Gavin DeGraw will be joining Shania Twain for the 2015 farewell tour.

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