‘American Horror Story’: Sarah Paulson Will Not Likely Be A Major Player In Upcoming Season Of ‘AHS’

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For fans that were hoping that Sarah Paulson would scream her way through the next season of American Horror Story when it premieres in September, the news is grim. According to Variety, Paulson will not be appearing in a “significant role” in AHS: 1984.

According to an undisclosed source, it has been revealed that Sarah Paulson, who usually takes on a major role in each season of American Horror Story, may not feature at all in Season 9, also titled AHS: 1984.

Paulson has usually taken on major characters for AHS, her smallest role being in the premiere season, Murder House, in which she only appeared in a handful of episodes. However, all other seasons of American Horror Story have featured her at the forefront.

Previously, as reported by The Inquisitr, Paulson has spoken out about her lack of knowledge regarding the upcoming season of American Horror Story, so the news of her potentially not featuring in AHS: 1984 should come as no surprise to fans.

Back in April, during an interview with SyFy, Paulson admitted previously that she usually had “more information at this point” regarding her role in the series.

“I’m bugging Ryan with questions,” Paulson also said at the time.

Sarah Paulson, as she appeared in Episdoe 4, Season 8 of FX's 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'
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While Paulson may not be appearing in a major role in AHS: 1984, according to Variety‘s source, the potential is always there that Sarah could appear in a cameo role in the upcoming season.

In addition, another staple actor involved with this series, Evan Peters, is not appearing in AHS: 1984.

As TV Guide points out, Emma Roberts has been confirmed as appearing in Season 9. However, details about her character have not been revealed.

As yet, very little is known about the upcoming season of American Horror Story other than its title of “1984.” A trailer previously released by AHS creator, Ryan Murphy, to his official Instagram account, alludes to the possibility of Season 9 being influenced by slasher films from that era.

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With the announcement of Sarah Paulson potentially not appearing in the upcoming season of AHS, fans immediately took to social media to voice their displeasure.

Variety has reached out to 20th century Fox regarding an official statement regarding Sarah Paulson’s role in the upcoming season of American Horror Story, but the network has not commented at this point in time. Which means that fans will likely just have to wait until AHS: 1984 premieres to find out more.

Season 9 of American Horror Story will premiere on FX on Wednesday, September 18, at 10/9c. AHS has also been renewed for a tenth season.