Selena Gomez Busts Out Of Sexy Black Swimsuit At Her Cousin’s Bachelorette Bash

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Selena Gomez has been showing off her amazing body a lot in the past few weeks.

As fans know, Gomez is serving as the maid of honor at her cousin Priscilla DeLeon’s upcoming wedding, and she and a bunch of friends recently jetted off to Mexico for the bachelorette bash. Over the past few days, Gomez has been spotted showing off her killer figure in a number of sexy swimsuits, including one red suit and one white suit, but in a photo shared today, she rocked a sexy black one.

In the hot, new photo posted to DeLeon’s Instagram page, the whole bachelorette party gathers together at the beach and they’re all huddled up under a straw umbrella. Priscilla appears front and center, rocking a white suit and a veil while her beloved cousin sits just behind her. Gomez poses for the shot on a lounge chair, kicking her legs out in front of her while she digs her feet into the sand. The singer wears her long, dark locks slicked back in a low ponytail and rocks a curve-hugging black swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination, with Gomez flaunting plenty of cleavage for the camera.

To Selena’s right, there are a ton of other ladies from the bash, who are also wearing black swimsuits. Since the post went live on DeLeon’s Instagram page, it’s earned her a lot of attention with over 12,000 likes in addition to 200-plus comments. While some fans commented on the image to wish Priscilla well in her marriage, countless others couldn’t help but spot Selena and comment on how beautiful she looks.

“Selena look so beautiful and happy,” one follower commented on the post with a heart-eye emoji.

“I’m so excited for you Priscilla!!! you’re going to make a gorgeous bride,” another commented.

“We need a full photo of Selena in that swimsuit y’all,” one more social media user raved.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, Gomez also showed off her amazing figure in a red swimsuit last week. In one of the shared photos from the swimsuit brand Krahs, Gomez was shown standing in the pearly, blue ocean water and appearing soaking wet. The 26-year-old wore her long, black locks slicked back and wet in the insanely sexy shot, as she put both hands behind her head and ran them through her wet locks. The songstress appears to be makeup-free in this particular snapshot.

When the photo went live on the retailer’s Instagram page, it earned them rave reviews with over 83,000 likes in addition to 4,000-plus comments — most of which were fans gushing over Selena’s smoking hot body.