Angelina Jolie Sparks Major Weight Concerns, Fans Beg Her To Eat

Angelina Jolie may be 44-years-old, but fans would likely agree that this star's beauty is ageless. The Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actress has been papped in Paris, France. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail today showed Angelina modeling for perfume giant Guerlain.

Angelina had been snapped at the edge of a balcony. While the sun wasn't on her face, Angelina looked radiant and her million-dollar smile was captured. likewise, the understated elegance that she is so known for. The mother of six was clad in a lingerie-like dress in off-white with The Daily Mail interpreting the look as a "negligée." While the classy number was flaunting Angelina's world-famous tattoos and porcelain skin, it does seem to have shown enough flesh for fans to express concern. Fans would likely argue that Jolie has appeared much thinner in the past. Nonetheless, The Daily Mail's comments section now sees worries about Angelina's weight as the most upvoted replies.

"Eat angie!!! Your face is best" was a comment receiving over 250 likes in the space of three hours.

"Beautiful face – but way too thin" proved similarly popular with 220 likes.

A user appearing to be based in the U.S. responded and seemed to acknowledge that Jolie looks less bony than she has in the past, although their words expressed concern.

"Very thin yes but honestly she looks like she did put a little bit of weight on because she looks a little healthier," they wrote.

Another fan honed in on certain parts of the actress' body.

"She's beautiful but her hands and wrists are so bony it's skeletal which is not sexy," they wrote.

Angelina's weight has been a headline-maker in the past. Last year saw Hollywood Life report the actress' plummeting weight amid her divorce troubles with actor Brad Pitt. The media outlet provided a quote from Dr. Gabe Mirkin at the time.
"There's almost no subcutaneous fat on her arms and her cheeks have no fat either, which is very alarming."
Angelina does, however, appear markedly healthier-looking than she did when fans were most concerned. This energetic and stunt-pulling actress has also been spotted running errands during various points this month. The star has been papped in her trademark, low-key look. While Angelina has not appeared visibly unwell, her appearance has already sparked concern, per The Inquisitr.

Fans are likely pumped for Angelina's upcoming appearance in Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. The trailer for the movie has now been released.