Cara Buono Posts 1980s-Themed ‘Jazzercise’ Workout Video On Instagram In Support Of ‘Stranger Things 3’


Stranger Things star Cara Buono is revealing the secret to her amazing body at age 48. Or, the secret to her character Mrs. Wheeler’s body, that is. Buono, who plays Hawkins mom-turned-siren Karen Wheeler on the Netflix hit, posted a hilarious video to Instagram to remind fans to move their booties while watching Stranger Things.

In the clip, Buono donned a high-cut leotard and a sweatband as she unveiled the secret to getting a Karen Wheeler body: Jazzercize. Buono promoted the 1980s aerobics craze in support of the third season of the sci-fi drama, and it came with a tip for sedentary fans: Stretch during your Stranger Things 3 binge.

Buono also encouraged fans to post the names of their favorite Jazzercise moves. Her faves are “Stomp the Rat,” the “MindFlayer,” “Into the Upside Down” and “Dodge those Demodogs,” which are all references to Stranger Things’ third season.

The Netflix star’s post is enough to make even aerobics legend Jane Fonda proud, and it garnered a slew of comments, including some from her Stranger Things co-stars.

“Cara Buono, congratulations. You’ve stolen not only the internet but also my heart,” wrote actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper on Stranger Things.

“Oh Mrs. Wheeler!!!” added Gaten Matarazzo, aka Dustin on the Netflix hit.

And the official Stranger Things Instagram chimed in with the hashtag “#moveslikekaren.”

You can see Cara Buono’s amazing Jazzercize video below.

It’s unclear if Cara Buono is really a Jazzercise fan. In a previous interview with Vogue that dates back to her Mad Men days, Buono was asked about her fitness habits and the ’80s-era aerobics workout was not mentioned.

“I love to walk, I walk everywhere. I practice yoga. And running – I’ve run three NYC Marathons.”

No matter how she does it, Cara Buono is in tip-top shape for her Stranger Things role, which has included a bathtub scene and several scenes set at the Hawkins swimming pool where she is required to wear a bathing suit.

Stranger Things has resurrected several 1980s blasts from the past, so Mrs. Wheeler’s Jazzercize video fits right in.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Coca-Cola previously teased the re-launch of New Coke with a video of Stranger Things clips that included characters from the show drinking the retired brand. The revamped soft drink was launched in 1985, the year Stranger Things 3 is set in, and Cara Buono’s Mrs. Wheeler and her mom friends happily sipped on it as they watched the town pool’s eye candy, bad boy Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), during his lifeguard shift.

Stranger Things 3 is currently available on Netflix.