Julianne Hough Hits The Sheets With Husband Brooks Laich, Promises ‘Intimate Details’ On Instagram

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images for Janie's Fund

America’s Got Talent judge Julianne Hough shares plenty of sizzling-hot shots via her Instagram page that drives her followers wild. Her latest post shows her in bed alongside her husband Brooks Laich, and she is teasing that they’ll be revealing some tantalizing details about their intimate life.

Both Julianne and Brooks shared the photo via their Instagram pages on Monday morning. Laich and Hough are in bed next to one another with just a sheet hiding their essential body parts. The AGT judge has the sheet pulled up over her chest and she looks makeup-free and gorgeous.

As Brooks and Julianne look to the camera, Laich is tussling Hough’s hair with his hand as she rests her head on his shoulder. She teased in the caption of the Instagram post that things are heating up, and it turns out that the married couple has opened up about their lives in his latest podcast.

Laich debuted his How Men Think podcast last month. He is co-hosting the podcast with musician Gavin DeGraw, but this newest episode is focused entirely on Brooks’ relationship with Julianne.

In his Instagram post promoting the new podcast episode, Brooks said that this was “the most open and honest we’ve ever been, sharing specifics about how we create and maintain connection in our relationship.”

The intimate podcast featuring Julianne alongside husband Brooks was just released and they tease that they are sharing detailed strategies they use to stay connected with one another that they hope other couples can use in their own relationships.

Us Weekly shares that during the podcast, Laich talks about one of his favorite parts of the day with Hough, which is when they connect after being apart all day. Brooks talks about what Julianne does that gets him fired up and feeling quite romantic, and she opens up about how his appreciation for what she does provides her with a total connection that feels quite intimate.

Julianne and Brooks are celebrating their second wedding anniversary as they release this podcast on their connection and intimacy. To celebrate this anniversary, they are actually traveling in Rwanda with the “Bucket Family” right now and they are clearly having a blast.

Within just a couple of hours of being up on Julianne Hough’s Instagram page, more than 90,000 of her fans had liked the post. Her followers will be anxious to see what she and husband Brooks Laich are willing to share in this intimate conversation, and it sounds as if they are being impressively open and honest in sharing what they’ve done to make their relationship work.