‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Elizabeth & Franco’s Reception Kicks Off & Cameron Has A Surprise For Them

Todd WawrychukABC

There has been a lot of tension and chaos shaking things up in recent weeks in Port Charles, but General Hospital spoilers hint that this week may bring more romance and happiness. It is time for Elizabeth and Franco to celebrate their marriage with their closest loved ones, and new teasers hint at what fans can expect.

General Hospital spoilers have suggested that the “Friz” wedding reception will spread over several episodes this week. There will be some surprises, and not necessarily good ones, but it would seem that the show airing on Monday may be mostly upbeat.

The show’s Twitter page detailed that Elizabeth’s son Cameron will be doing something very sweet for his mom and Franco during Monday’s show. General Hospital spoilers had revealed that Cam would be singing a song for the newlyweds, and now it’s been revealed that this will seemingly come during the July 8 show.

Previous teasers have also hinted that Obrecht will be central in shaking things up at this joyful event. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will reveal something juicy to Franco and SheKnows Soaps indicates that this comes during Monday’s show, too.

Viewers know that Obrecht knows two very juicy secrets, and it’s not known yet which one she’ll reference in her chat with Franco. Will this be about Sasha not being Nina’s daughter or about Nelle and Michael’s baby not being delivered stillborn?

Previous General Hospital spoilers have also teased that Obrecht will get pretty drunk at this event and that she may soon regret having told Franco anything. As the week plays out, she’ll also find herself falling or being pushed off of the Haunted Star and into the water.

Kim will be doing her best to embrace the opportunity to have some fun and Drew will be making a toast to Liz and Franco. As joyous as the occasion may be, General Hospital spoilers tease that there will be tense encounters, too.

Bobbie will tear into Julian again for getting involved in the Wiley drama, and Brad will tell Julian that Shiloh believes Wiley is his son. Obrecht will drunkenly tell Felix that someone’s marriage won’t last, and Curtis will break away from the festivities to tell Valentin about the file Jax has on him.

The Inquisitr has noted that it is expected that actress Rebecca Budig will pop up this week at the reception as she reprises her role as Hayden Barnes. However, General Hospital spoilers have not yet revealed exactly which day this happens.

Will Elizabeth and Franco’s wedding reception be mostly filled with love and happiness or will it be overshadowed by drama? General Hospital spoilers hint that fans have a lot to look forward to with this event, and it kicks into gear during Monday’s episode.