Olivia Holt Eulogizes Cameron Boyce In Touching Twitter Tribute

Former Disney Channel star Olivia Holt posted a touching eulogy to her friend and colleague Cameron Boyce on Sunday, tweeting out a touching message of love to her former friend.

Boyce, 20, was found dead in his L.A. home on Saturday, having apparently suffered a seizure in his sleep, as ABC News reported at the time. Since then, tributes to the young actor have been pouring in, including one from his co-star, Olivia Holt.

Holt and Boyce both appeared in Disney Channel's Shake It Up, which aired for a few seasons in the early 2010s when the pair were in their early teens. Both actors were supporting performers on the show, but nevertheless, Holt tweeted, Cameron made a big impression on her.

"cameron. one of the best guys i've ever had the honor of knowing and growing up with. made everyone smile, and laugh. really hard. handsome as hell. always kind. always. talented, obviously. and added so much color to my life and so many others. i'm heartbroken. i'll miss him."
She followed up her eulogy of her friend with a snapshot of the two of them. It's unclear when it was taken, but the two appear to be in their middle teens in the photo, which you can see below.
Since his death last weekend, tributes to the late actor have been pouring in, both from his Disney Channel co-stars as well as from his co-stars on the big screen.

For example, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Adam Sandler, who played Boyce's character's dad in Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2, wrote that he "loved that kid."

"Too young. Too sweet. Too funny," Sandler wrote.

Similarly, Salma Hayek, who played Cameron's mom in the Grown Ups franchise, called the young actor "spirited, talented, kind, generous, funny and a shining light," as The Inquisitr reports.

As for Cameron's death, it is believed to have been caused by epilepsy, and he is believed to have suffered multiple seizures before he died. But even though he was battling a devastating illness, Cameron said in his last interview that he was "living his best life," as The Inquisitr reported on Monday.

Olivia Holt, now 21, has put her days as a Disney Channel tween/teen star behind her and is taking on more grown-up roles. In addition to her burgeoning career as a singer, she currently stars on the Freeform series Cloak & Dagger, portraying the lead role of Tandy Bowen/Dagger.