Cameron Boyce’s Final Interview Revealed He Was Living His ‘Best Life’ Prior To Tragic Death

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Disney star Cameron Boyce’s final interview, published in Haute Living Magazine two months prior to his tragic death on July 6, revealed the story of a young man who was “living his best life” despite a lifetime battle against epilepsy.

Boyce, who starred in Eagle Eye, Mirrors, Grown Ups, Grown Ups 2, and Disney’s Descendants franchise, felt he was at his best when he was giving back to others.

He revealed to Haute Living that although his ambitions towards philanthropy may have seemed lofty to some, Boyce felt he was just following in the footsteps of the “really strong” men and women of his family.

“There’s a long line of difference makers in my family. I’m following in the footsteps of some really strong men and women who have shown me what it means to give back; It’s the greatest way to fulfill yourself. Every time I talk to someone who shares that similar passion, we talk about how there aren’t many feelings more euphoric. Changing someone else’s life positively changes yours for the better as well,” he explained to HL Magazine.

Boyce also noted, “Many people have the heart to give back, but a lot don’t know how to. I try to be the bridge for those people– whether that means getting them involved in one of my campaigns or inspiring them by showing them a blueprint of how to get others engaged.”

At the time of his death, the actor was involved in championing causes that brought awareness to the Global Water Crisis. He was also working with The Thirst Project and raised more than $30,000 through their organization,, to build two wells in Swaziland.

In the interview, he also spoke about his grandmother, Jo Ann Boyce, who was one of the Clinton 12 from Clinton High School in Tennessee, whom Scholastic reported led the integration movement more than 50 years ago, in 1956.

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TMZ reported that the Disney star suffered from epilepsy, which ultimately led to his death. The news outlet reported Boyce’s roommate was the one who found him unresponsive. Paramedics arrived at the scene and, unable to revive him, pronounced him dead, reported TMZ.

His family cited an “ongoing medical condition” as the cause of his death.

Boyce will be seen in Descendents 3, which will debut on Disney Channel in August of this year.

All the original cast returned for the sequel, including Dove Cameron (Mal, daughter of Maleficent), Boyce (Carlos de Vil, son of Cruella), Sofia Carson (Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen), Booboo Stewart (Jay, son of Jafar), and Mitchell Hope (Ben, son of Belle and the Beast).

Digital Spy confirmed the following actors and characters would also be seen in the film — China Anne McClain (Uma, the daughter of Ursula), Brenna D’Amico (Fairy Godmother’s daughter Jane), Thomas Doherty (Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook), Sarah Jeffery (Princess Audrey, daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip), Jedidiah Goodacre (Chad Charming, son of Cinderella and Prince Charming), Zachary Gibson (Doug, son of Dopey the Dwarf), and Anna Cathcart as Dizzy (daughter of Drizella Tremaine).