Lisa Vanderpump Jokes About Being A ‘Puppet Master’ Amid Rumors Claiming Nicollette Sheridan May Join ‘RHOBH’

Charles SykesBravo

Lisa Vanderpump and Nicollette Sheridan are giving fans hope for a potential appearance on an upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Over the weekend, after Sheridan suddenly followed Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen on Twitter amid her messy feud with Lisa Rinna, she and Vanderpump joked about puppets, giving nod to the ongoing allegations Vanderpump’s co-stars have been making against her throughout Season 9.

“Oh, we are teaming up alright but not like that! This is all about positivity. I am preparing to be your puppet,” Sheridan joked in a post shared on July 6.

Then, after a fan suggested Vanderpump and Sheridan were teaming up on an anti-bullying PSA for kids, which would feature Vanderpump and Sheridan as the voices of puppets, Sheridan said her online audience member was “getting warmer.” Vanderpump then gave her own suggestion.

“Well I have been accused of being the ‘puppet master,'” she tweeted.

While Sheridan has never appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she became a hot topic months ago after Rinna accused her of cheating on Harry Hamlin, who she was married to for 11 months in the 1990s. As Rinna alleged, she was able to meet and marry Hamlin after Sheridan allegedly cheated on him with Michael Bolton while he was out of town for work.

While Sheridan has denied doing any such thing, Rinna has stuck to her story and during an episode of Watch What Happens Live last month, she suggested Sheridan had followed Cohen on Twitter because she needs a job.

Vanderpump and Sheridan may not be the best of friends at the moment but at the end of last week, Vanderpump confirmed to her Twitter audience that she and Sheridan have known one another for some time and right away, fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began to suspect that Vanderpump could be plotting a comeback.

While Vanderpump quit her role on the show after Season 9, she has been quite clear that a large part of the reason she did so was because the rest of the ladies were against her. So, if she had someone or a couple of people who would appear alongside her as allies during Season 10, that may change her mind about her future on the show.

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