‘Sports Illustrated’ Bombshell Ashley Graham Teases Topless Pool Shot In New Instagram Snap

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images for Glamour

Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model Ashley Graham knows how to heat up social media, and she did just that in a new Instagram post. The inspirational plus-size model has been soaking up the sun in Miami, Florida, and it looks like she went topless for this latest snapshot.

Graham was all smiles as she lounged in a swimming pool, floating on an inflatable tube and holding the Brene Brown book Braving the Wilderness in front of her. Ashley was wearing tiny, lime green bikini bottoms, and it appears she was hitting the pool topless for this sunny swim session.

Ashley had on dark sunglasses and her wedding ring, and that was about it. Graham was holding her book open right in front of her chest, teasing her followers with just hints of her bare breasts behind the book.

The Sports Illustrated model has 8.6 million followers on Instagram these days. This topless pool shot got everybody’s Monday mornings off to a jaw-dropping start, as nearly 63,000 fans liked this post within the first 45 minutes it was live on her Instagram page.

Hundreds of Graham’s fans commented as well, with some encouraging her to move her book and others referring to Ashley as a queen and a goddess. Despite the fact that much of the model’s figure what hidden in this shot, it gave off a sexy vibe that immediately generated a lot of buzz.

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“Loving those vibes Ashley,” noted one follower.

Another follower jokingly pleaded, “And… now one with out [sic] the book.”

Some of Graham’s fans noticed that her figure has seemingly changed significantly in recent months. This topless shot of Ashley does give the impression that she has slimmed down quite a bit in comparison to some of her earlier work. There have been followers of Ashley’s who have criticized this, but it looks as if she’s brushing off any disses and just doing her thing.

A while back, Stylecaster noted that Graham opened up about how she can’t please everybody. Ashley said that some people think she’s too curvy, too busty, too tall, or too loud, while others more recently say she’s too small.

“The cycle of body-shaming needs to end. I’m over it.”

It looks like this topless pool shot of Ashley Graham’s garnered almost universally positive feedback from her followers. Fans loved the look, loved the setting, and loved the book, and the Sports Illustrated model definitely knocked it out of the park with this one.