‘The Young And The Restless’ Actress Melissa Claire Egan Teases Chelsea Spoilers

Cliff LipsonCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that things get crazy for Chelsea this week in Genoa City as Adam accuses her of murdering her husband, Calvin.

Recently, a Y&R fan tweeted the question, “Do y’all really think Chelsea murdered Calvin?”

Chelsea actress Melissa Claire Egan retweeted the viewer’s musing with the addition, “Stay tuned!!!”

According to The Inquisitr, after Chelsea turns down Adam (Mark Grossman) when he asks her to be a family again since Calvin (John Burke) is out of the picture, Adam accuses Chelsea of murdering her husband. He tells Paul (Doug Davidson) that he owes Chelsea no loyalty, and he also notes to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) that if Chelsea is going to keep him away from Connor, she will pay. As the walls close in on Chelsea, she turns to Nick (Joshua Morrow) to help keep her out of trouble.

As for fans’ theories on if Chelse is the one who caused Calvin’s death, the ideas are varied.

One viewer replied to Egan’s retweet with, “I bet Chelsea felt like murdering Calvin after their last conversation!”

During their last conversation, Calvin told a stunned Chelsea that he felt she should give Adam custody of Connor much like she let Johnny live with his father, Billy (Jason Thompson). If she did that, then Calvin and Chelsea could have the child he’d always wanted to have. Her husband’s surprising stance left Chelsea reeling, but that does not mean she would kill him.

Several other people commented that they felt Adam had something to do with Calvin’s death. He’s ruthless, and Adam felt that Calvin stood in the way of him reuniting with Chelsea and Connor, so he took him out. While other viewers noted that Adam was with Phyllis at the time, there is an awkward period of time when Adam wasn’t at the party Phyllis planned at his penthouse, so perhaps he used that time to slip Calvin something to get rid of his competition once and for all.

One follower replied, “No, Chelsea may be a lot of things but definitely not a murderer!!”

That seemed to be a prevailing sentiment. Chelsea has conned lots of people, and she stole money. Chelsea even went so far as to hit Sharon (Sharon Case) over the head at Crimson Lights before she left town last year, but she doesn’t go around killing people, especially spur of the moment.

Finally, others felt Chelsea may have accidentally killed her husband, and one off the wall theory is that Chelsea’s mother Anita (Catherine Bach) somehow murdered Calvin. There’s still a lot of storyline to unfold, and it looks like things will be anything but straightforward.