Kate Gosselin Reveals If She’ll Ever Get Married Again: ‘I Don’t Like The ‘M’ Word’

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Kate Gosselin probably won’t be walking down the aisle again anytime soon. In a new interview with Fox News, the Kate Plus Date star was asked about her thoughts on remarriage 10 years after her headline-making divorce from Jon Gosselin. And while Kate admitted you can “never say never,” she did dish on her true feelings about marriage after her painful 2009 split from the father of her eight kids.

“I don’t like the ‘M’ word.”

Gosselin went on to explain that she keeps getting asked the “marriage” question in interviews, and that it gives her ” anxiety and panic.” The TLC star added that remarriage is a situation that she will deal with if and when she gets there, and by that time she won’t have anxiety about it if it’s “right.”

“So I can’t say yes and I can’t say no,” Gosselin explained.

Kate Gosselin’s journey to find love — or at least a good date — is currently being documented on TLC’s Kate Plus Date. The reality star told Fox that the dating show was her idea as a way to find a mate before all her kids head off to college. Gosselin revealed that she preferred the reality TV dating format because online dating “creeps” her out, and that going on dates with a film crew by her side made her feel “safe.”

Still, Kate Gosselin admitted that, after being divorced for a decade, going on dates again was “extremely intimidating,” even with the safety of TLC’s cameras.

On Kate Plus Date, Gosselin refuses to talk about her 10 year marriage to Jon. But the guarded reality star admitted that her high-profile divorce has greatly affected the way she approaches new relationships. Gosselin — who is a mom to 15-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Joel, Leah, Aaden, Hannah and Collin, and 18-year-old twins Mady and Cara — admitted to matchmaker Adam LoDolce that she “puts a barrier” around herself when meeting new people.

“I know that there’s this part of my life that I’m unable to talk about,” Kate said, according to People. “It’s not a secret I went through a very public divorce. That wasn’t pleasant. I feel like, for that very reason, I am very guarded, and I don’t tend to trust people…. I certainly don’t want to rush into another relationship.”

In an interview with Kate Plus Date producers, Kate’s daughter Mady Gosselin confirmed that after “everything that she’s been through,” her mom has developed “trust issues” after her divorce.

Kate Gosselin also confirmed that she has not been “burned” in love since her ex-husband because she hasn’t been in a relationship since then.

Although she is hesitant to say she is hoping for a second marriage, Kate Gosselin does believe in lifelong love. The Kate Plus Date star has repeatedly used her grandparents as an example of what lifelong love should look like.

Kate Gosselin’s estranged ex-husband, Jon, who has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, seems skeptical of Kate’s chances to find a mate on a reality show. In an interview with Us Weekly, Jon Gosselin said, “I don’t think anyone can [find love on TV]. I think you need to find it [organically].”

Kate Plus Date airs Mondays on TLC.