Instagram Model Jessica Wilde Poses Topless With Two Beer Cans, Fans Joke About ‘The Size Of Her Cans’

Jessica WildeInstagram

Instagram model and online blogger Jessica Wilde has amassed a large following on the popular social media site with almost 1 million followers. Over the weekend, she took to the photo-sharing site to tease her fans with a topless photo, her busty chest obscured by two beer cans.

In her latest snap, the brunette bombshell poses in her house at what appears to be a kitchen table. The model is completely topless, revealing her double sleeve tattoos, leading from her wrists all the way up to her shoulders and including a variety of different designs and images, such as flowers, trees, calligraphy and a cat. Also visible on her toned abdomen is the top of what appears to be an insect tattoo.

The model gazes at the camera with her lips slightly parted and her arms raised. In one hand, she holds a cigarette, while the other plays with her reddish-brown hair, as it hangs straight and loose around her back and shoulders.

Jessica’s made-up face is the highlight of the photo, with her full, pink-glossed lips, perfectly manicured eyebrows and black-lined eyes complete with thick, long lashes. The only thing covering her chest are two Budweiser cans sitting in the forefront of the photo on the white table.

In the caption, the model jokes about the photo being a subtle ad placement, and tells her followers that she’s feeling the weekend vibes. The hundreds of comments include plenty of compliments from fans drooling over her latest sexy snap and making jokes about the beer cans, including one Instagram user who wrote, “Look at the size of those cans!”

Another follower commented, “All of a sudden I feel like having a Budweiser.. not quite sure why though,” while another user wrote, “You know how to get to my heart.”

Yet another fan chimed in with, “SEXY SEXY SEXY Beautiful WOW!!!,” followed by an array of emoji, including red lips, red-hearts and heart-eyed smileys.

In the model’s bio on her website, The Wilde Spot, she describes herself as a tattoo supermodel, social media influencer, YouTube personality and host of INKED Cover Girl Search.

INKED Cover Girl Search seeks to find tattooed models who are voted by fans to win an appearance on the cover of Inked Magazine and take home the grand prize of $25,000, in addition to joining celebrity photographer Christopher Kolk and his style team for an exclusive cover shoot.

Jessica also opened her own tattoo studio, Inked Cosmetic, at the beginning of 2017 in her hometown of Kelowna, British Colombia.