July 7, 2019
Jenelle Evans Rocks Thong Bikini On Instagram After Regaining Custody Of Her Kids

Jenelle Evans had some fun in the sun during this Fourth of July weekend. The former Teen Mom 2 star took to social media to flaunt her curves in a racy little bikini.

On Sunday, Jenelle Evans share a set of brand new photos of herself to her Instagram account. The reality star is seen sporting a black-and-white bikini. The top resembled a sports bra and boasted only one strap.

Meanwhile the matching bikini bottoms were a thong-style, and showed off Jenelle's curvy backside as she posed with her back to the camera while she looked out over the ocean.

Jenelle put all of her assets on full display, including her ample cleavage, as she strutted her stuff on the beach with a pink cup in her hand.

Evans had her long, dark hair parted to the side and styled in loose waves that fell down her back and over her shoulder. She accessorized with a pair of brown-tinted sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun.

Jenelle also donned a natural makeup look in the sexy snapshots, which included darkened eyebrows, a bronzed glow, fresh face, and nude lips.

In the background, the crystal water of the ocean can be seen, as well as the blue, cloudless sky.

According to Hollywood Life, many fans were outraged when it was revealed that Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, regained custody of Jenelle's son, Kaiser, and their shared daughter, Ensley.

Jenelle's lawyer, Jamie S. Getty, spoke out on how the couple may have won custody back after losing the kids following multiple complaints to child services, including fear for the kids after David allegedly killed the family dog out of anger, an event which got Jenelle fired from Teen Mom 2.

"The petition could have either been completely dismissed by the judge which likely means the judge did not believe the allegations in the petition rose to the level of abuse or neglect provided by law. Or the judge granted a trial home placement which means the case would continue to allow social workers to check in on the family. It gives the social workers the opportunity to go back in Jenelle and David's house and make sure the parents are still following up on the stipulations of their case plan and that the kids are still living in a safe environment," Getty told the outlet.

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