July 7, 2019
Lady Gabriella Windsor Feared Her Diamond Tiara Would Fall Off On Her Wedding Day

Lady Gabriella Windsor married financier Thomas Kingston at St. George's Chapel in May, but according to the royal family member, the day did not go off without a hitch.

The Daily Mail spoke to Lady Gabriella, who goes by the name "Ella" was married in the same location as her cousin, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

But on her big day, the bride explains that she nearly dropped her multimillion-dollar diamond tiara on the ground after one of her bridesmaids accidentally stepped on her veil. Ella, 38, wore a white gown designed by Italian couturier Luisa Beccaria and the same Russian Fringe-style tiara her mother Princess Michael and her grandmother Princess Marine wore on their wedding days.

Lady Gabrielle explains that after one of the child bridesmaids stepped on the veil, the tiara loosened, and she feared it would come "crashing down.

"Suddenly I could feel my tiara start to pull back and in those few unnerving moments I thought it would come crashing down with an almighty clunk. My little bridesmaids had accidentally wandered on to my very sheer tulle 20ft veil.I slowed down until they'd stepped off it, but then it happened again. Fortunately my hairdresser had pinned the tiara in place and it stood firm."
Lady Gabriella's gown was on display for Paris Couture Fashion Week, and she says now that she looks back on her wedding, and the tiara survived in one piece, she says the whole day is full of happy memories.

The queen attended the nuptials with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and also in attendance was Prince Harry, minus Duchess Meghan, who had just given birth to Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry arrived smiling ear to ear soon after the birth of his son to see his cousin, Lady Gabriella tie the knot, says The Inquisitr. The Duke of Sussex arrived with his aunt, Princess Anne and his uncle, Prince Edward to witness the union of his cousin.

The same chapel at Windsor Castle has been the site of three royal weddings in 12 months as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank and then Lady Gabriella Windsor all married in the chapel on the Windsor estate in Berkshire.

Royal expert Robert Jobson explains that the only controversy that arose before the wedding was in reference to the wedding bands to be used in the ceremony. In the past, Welsh gold was used in all royal wedding bands, but because the reserves are running out, the queen denied its use for the wedding of Lady Gabriella Windsor.