July 7, 2019
Kate Middleton Reportedly Dressed Up As A 'Sexy' Nurse The Night She Took Back Prince William After A Breakup

For Kate Middleton and Prince William fans, their breakup was likely the lowest point in their past. After all, many were shocked that the two would split. Plus, it turned out that Prince William, who is believed to have instigated the breakup, would be the one to allegedly beg Middleton to take him back, noted Marie Claire.

The breakup itself didn't last very long. They parted ways in early April 2007. By the end of May, William already started talking to Kate about getting back together with her. Not so easily swayed, she reportedly noted that "she had been badly hurt and told William she needed some time," noted royal expert Katie Nicholl.

But that was hardly enough to slow down William's efforts, as he later invited Middleton to a costume party in June. Kate obliged, and showed up wearing a nurse costume that was apparently "sexy" too, according to Marie Claire. Exactly how sexy is hard to know for sure, but the theme of the party was supposedly "Freakin' Naughty." Whether William came up with that or not is anyone's guess. As we know for sure is that the two decided to get back together that night. And it's a good thing too! They've since welcomed three children into the world, and fans still can't get enough of the couple.

But it's not like the nurse outfit is the only sexy outfit Kate stepped out in. Huffington Post noted that in 2007 after breaking up with William, Kate enjoyed a night out in a witch costume. It wasn't overly sexual, but the dress was certainly fitted, and she looked fabulous in a pair of black boots and a cape. She was spotted by the paparazzi holding a pink purse and wore her hair down.

It turned out that Kate's mom, Carole, knew exactly how to help her daughter get back with William. She encouraged Middleton to go out and "show" her ex-boyfriend what he was missing out on. Considering that Middleton is absolutely gorgeous, it probably didn't take too long for William to realize that he could easily lose her to another man.

Today, the drama of the short breakup is long over. The only drama that seems to exist has to do with Meghan Markle. While rumors of a feud were long talked about, there has been no solid proof of this. However, some argue that Kate looked "ready to flee" in Archie's christening photo, according to The Sun.