July 7, 2019
Heidi Klum Flaunts Bod In Red Lingerie In Front Of Tokyo Skyline

Heidi Klum is looking as amazing as ever, and no doubt it has partly to do with being seemingly heads-over-heels in love with fiancé, Tom Kaulitz. The two shared some cute photos of themselves in Paris, but they've already left Europe and landed in Tokyo, Japan. Heidi shared a photo of herself posing in just red lingerie, as she stood in the midst of mounds of clothes. Behind her was a large window with views of the Tokyo city skyline. Heidi wore her hair down and played with it with her right hand, as she looked over her right shoulder. Her figure was somewhat obscured by the shadows, but fans loved the photo and are sending Klum tons of love.

And while Heidi enjoyed herself in Paris with Tom, her second newest post revealed that her fiancé wasn't with her for this leg of the trip. The supermodel announced her arrival in Japan with a shot of her dinner, with Kaulitz making an appearance through FaceTime. The two lovebirds appear to be inseparable, but Heidi's currently busy with her new show, Making the Cut. The Amazon show was a huge deal, because it also meant that Klum was leaving Project Runway. It turned out that mentor Tim Gunn was leaving the show with Heidi, which meant a bunch of new faces joining the cast for the newest season of Runway.

The new show, Making the Cut, filmed their first challenge in late June. It took place at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and The Hollywood Reporter noted that the guest judges include Naomi Campbell and Nicole Richie, among others.

Previously, Klum opened up about some of her experiences on Project Runway to Elle.

"A lot of times, we have guest judges on Project Runway, and they will not say what they really think. They're really sweet to the designers, but then when the camera cuts, they're like, 'Oh my God, that was awful!' And I'm always like, 'Why are you not just saying that? It's not helping anyone if you just sugarcoat everything.'"
"I've never been wishy-washy about anything. I don't like it when people have no opinion," she added.

And Heidi's fans have come to know and love this about her. It'll be exciting to see how the new show, Making the Cut, pans out. Considering both Heidi and Tom are in the show, it's likely many Runway fans will be eager to catch the duo in action in a new context.