July 7, 2019
'Teen Mom' Star Mackenzie McKee Shows Off Slamming Gym Body: 'Those Thighs'

Mackenzie McKee's super-fit body is getting noticed. The 24-year-old might best be known for her appearance on Teen Mom 3, but this fitness model is making waves for her ripped physique. The mother-of-three took to Instagram on Friday for a gym-centric snap, and it looks like fans are giving Mackenzie and her slamming body the thumbs up.

Mackenzie's recent post featured a family member, as it showed the Oklahoma native smiling for the camera in a home gym with her brother. The star and her sibling were seen with a young child and another individual. The background treadmills and reclining bikes didn't appear to be in use, but it looks like Mackenzie is showing the results of many hours of work on them. Her sporty outfit of hot pink shorts and a black tee offered fans one muscular pair of legs. While Mackenzie's rock-hard abs weren't on show, her strong arms were visible.

A lengthy caption from Mackenzie explained that she's made it somewhat of a ritual to turn up to her brother's home for training sessions. Mackenzie's brother is a personal trainer. The star also let fans know that she was due to participate in a competitive event before thanking her mother, Angie Douthit.

Fans have been commenting on the post.

"Just simply out of curiosity what is it that you saw your Mom do growing up (fitness wise!) and did you dad like to workout as well? You guys are all super health conscious it seems like and it's awesome to see!" one fan wrote.

"Those thighs!" another commented.

Mackenzie does, indeed, appear to have incredibly muscular legs. Fans know that this blonde is more than just your average gym bunny, though. Mackenzie is a fitness competitor. Last month, Mackenzie took to Instagram to announce that she had participated in a bikini competition. A super-muscly snap showed Mackenzie in a red-and-white bikini, and offered a caption.
"Did not bring in the package i wanted to today. I'm a bit bummed. My body has held onto fat like crazy. Thank you insulin and thank you hormones. But I did the dang thing and ready to shred shred for the next show"
Mackenzie is a Type 1 diabetic. Despite the challenges of managing her blood sugar, this dedicated fitness enthusiast puts her all into grueling workouts. Clearly, her body is showing the results.

Other responses to Mackenzie's gym snap seemed positive.

"Love this!" one fan wrote. Another simply sent a string of black-heart emoji.

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