Baby Found In Subway Gets Raised By Gay Couple, Story Turned Into Play

Baby Found In Subway Gets Raised By Gay Couple, Story Turned Into Play

A baby found in the subway and raised by a gay couple has turned into a viral tale of the beginnings of a non-traditional family.

The story was featured by the New York Times on Thursday in its Townies series, which covers about life in New York City. In it, screenwriter Peter Mercurio writes about how the baby found in the subway by his now-husband Danny became part of their family.

Mercurio wrote that Danny spotted the baby, who looked to be about a day old, laying alone in the subway near the turnstiles. He called Peter and then alerted authorities, who took the baby. The story became front-page news in New York, with Danny recounting his discovery to television news stations as well as family and friends.

The baby found in the subway moved on to the custody of family court, and, when Danny appeared in court to give his testimony about finding it, the judge asked if he would be interested in adopting.

Mercurio wrote:

“In three years as a couple, we had never discussed adopting a child. Why would we? … Even if our financial and logistical circumstances had been different, we knew how many challenges gay couples usually faced when they want to adopt. And while Danny had patience and selflessness galore, I didn’t. I didn’t know how to change a diaper, let alone nurture a child.

“But here was fate, practically giving us a baby. How could we refuse? Eventually, my fearful mind spent, my heart seized control to assure me I could handle parenthood.”


The couple went through the long process of adopting, and, 12 years later, their son Kevin stood in a courtroom as his parents were married.

The story of the baby found on the subway has become a viral hit since Mercurio’s writing, with coverage from online outlets like E! News. Mercurio himself has turned it into a play called Found.

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