July 7, 2019
Two NHL Players Arrested In New York City On Assault Charges

Two National Hockey League players were arrested in New York on Sunday morning on assault charges according to the NYPD.

The Daily Beast reports that Sonny Milano who plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and A.J. Greer, who plays for the Colorado Avalanche, were involved in a fight with a man, identified as Stephen Vaneyck, after an argument over a bar bill according to police.

The altercation took place in the West Village in a private residence and left the alleged victim with bruises on his face and torso.

Both men were released soon after their arrest and were ordered to appear for arraignment next month.

The New York Daily News revealed that both NHL players are the roommates of the reported victim, and all three live in an apartment in the West Village. When police responded to the address in the early hours of the morning, they said that the assault was still in progress inside the apartment on West Houston Street. Despite visible injuries, Vaneyck refused medical attention on the scene.

A police source shared that the argument was over a bar bill at 1 OAK.

"The three had returned from a night out partying at 1 OAK, where a friend of their roommate promised them table service for $600 each. But the hockey players were later told they owed a little over $1,000 and became enraged, blaming their roommate and allegedly beating him up."
Milano and Greer, both 23, and NHL forwards were held briefly at the 6th Precinct station house before they were issued summonses to appear on charges of misdemeanor assault.

Greer and Milano both avoided the press after being released from the police station as they returned to their apartment. Greer came out and left in a Lyft.

Milano is originally from Long Island has spent some of the last four hockey seasons with his current team, while Greer, Greer of Joliette, Quebec, has appeared in 37 games for the Colorado Avalanche over three seasons.

The public relations firm for the Columbus Blue Jays tweeted a statement about the arrest of Sonny Milano.

"The Columbus Blue Jackets are aware of the reports involving Sonny Milano. We are reviewing the situation and will not be commenting further at this time."
TMZ shared that the Colorado Avalanche has yet to make a statement about Greer. The reported victim is said to have injuries to his jaw, his ribs as well as injuries to his neck and biceps.