July 7, 2019
Cameron Boyce's Final Instagram Post Captured Exactly What Fans Loved Most About Him

Descendants and Jessie actor Cameron Boyce had an incredibly bright future, it seemed, and everybody who followed the 20-year-old's career was left reeling on Sunday after news revealed that he had suddenly died. Now, many are looking at his last Instagram post and embracing just how representative it was of the young man's exuberant personality.

On July 5, just a day or so before his sudden death, Cameron posted a simple photograph of himself to his Instagram page. Boyce didn't include any kind of caption, simply tagging the fashion culture brand i-D with their Instagram handle.

The photo was a simple one that was edited in black-and-white and showed Boyce from the side. Cameron seemingly had a fairly serious look on his face, a headband tied around his head. He had on a plain T-shirt and it appears that what the Descendants star shared was a tightly-cropped version of what the outlet had shared on their own page.

Boyce made it clear in the interviews that he had done in recent years that he was passionate about his family, his friends, and his charity work. As serious as he could be, which shows in this last Instagram post, fans also knew Boyce to be quirky and fun.

Cameron's Jessie role as Luke featured a silly side of the actor, as the character was known for being mischievous and the mastermind of plenty of high jinks. Luke was often sarcastic, but with a heavy dose of cool as well. In addition, he was shown throughout the show's run to also care deeply about those he loved, even if he hesitated to show it often.

That quirky, fun-loving side was central to Boyce's personality and shined in his Descendants role as Carlos as well. This last social media post of Cameron's seems to hint at that light-hearted side, with his headband and sky-high curls. At the same time, the expression on Boyce's face demonstrates his serious side and seemed to hint that this young actor was not just multi-talented, but multi-layered as well.

Boyce's Instagram page currently has 12.3 million followers, and this last post of Cameron's has been shown a lot of love. It currently has nearly 7 million likes and almost 670,000 comments.

Comments came both from familiar names and unknown fans and they were consistent in sharing their shock at the news of Boyce's death and love for the young actor. The Inquisitr noted earlier that fans have taken over social media since reports revealed the Jessie star's death to detail their shock and sadness over the news.

Sadly, this is the last photo that Cameron Boyce's fans will see posted by him on his Instagram page. Luckily, his work will continue to be seen on television screens for a while yet, including the August 2 premiere of Descendants 3. Fans will no doubt embrace these last opportunities to see his work, while also grieving the loss of such a young, talented actor.