Downton Abbey Loses Another Cast Member

Uber-Popular British soap opera Downton Abbey will be short one more series regular when they start shooting season four later this spring.

For devoted Downton fans, the news that Matthew Crawley was being killed off in a car accident was almost too much to take. The fact that O’Brien is on her way out the door as well might start a revolution.

Vanity Fair reports that Mrs. O’Brien wont be returning for another season. Siobhan Finneran has announced that she will not be coming back for another season.

After the deaths of both Sybil and Matthew, fans can take solace in the fact that Mrs. O’Brien wasn’t actually killed off. That could even mean that she will eventually return.

Finneran acknowledged that her character was one that people loved to hate because she was Downton Abbey’s resident witch. People who were devoted to the show will point out that O’Brien also had her moments where she showed herself to be a real human.

It was the complexity of O’Brien that had made that particular cast member one of the more popular members of the downstairs crew.

The A.V. Club points out that posits that O’Brien’s departure means that three of the series regulars have left the show in just the last season alone.


While Downton Abbey loses another cast member, they are also actively looking for replacements. The show has announced that it is looking for a “rebound” love interest for Lady Mary.

Season four will also be the first time that anyone at Downton will have interacted with a black man. This particular character named Jack will be a musician at a high end night club.

Downton Abbey has not yet cast this particular character but is searching high and low. Its a safe bet that given the times the show is set in that Jack and Lady Mary’s love interest will not be one and the same but rather two new Downton Abbey cast members to be introduced to.