July 7, 2019
'Big Brother' Producer Weighs In On 'Ridiculous' Gr8ful Alliance

Allison Grodner is the longtime producer of Big Brother and is responsible for some of the biggest twists the game has ever seen. Whenever fans of the show have an issue with the program, they usually take their frustrations out on Allison on social media. It's not easy to be at the end of a Twitter hate train, as she and the viewers tend to disagree on things.

The one thing viewers and Allison can agree on these days is the Gr8ful alliance. The producer recently caught up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the season so far, and the large eight-person alliance came up rather quickly. When asked if she thought the alliance would stay together, she shared the same sentiments many views have shared online.

"Eight is ridiculous because it has never lasted. It is too many people to put trust in before really getting to know them. We have had groups of eight try to form an alliance on opening night, but that quickly crumbled in the first week. There was The Bomb Squad of season 16 that fell apart by week 3 when Devin went rogue. There are already cracks showing in Gr8ful, so it will be interesting to see how far they go."
Loyal viewers of Big Brother know that large alliances crumble about as quickly as they are formed, and Gr8ful is already starting to show some weaknesses. The group, which consists of Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Analyse Talavera, Christie Murphy, Nick Maccarone, Tommy Bracco, and Isabella "Bella" Wang, have already had dissension between them.

Christie was noticeably upset during her Head of Household (HOH) reign in Week 1 by the intimidation of alliance member Jack. Jack was pushing for his will during her HOH, and eventually, Christie went against her alliance and nominated Ovi Kabir as a replacement nominee instead of Kemi Faknule.

The group has also slowly been turning on Bella in the last several days. Bella has been accused of playing all sides of the house. Since Day 1, Bella has been close with Kemi, who happens to be enemy number one for the Gr8ful alliance, for no apparent reason. There have also been rumblings on the live feeds that suggest Bella and Nick are at the bottom of the Gr8ful totem poll and will be targeted by the rest of the group once only their alliance is left in the game.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. Episodes follow on Wednesday and Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST.