July 7, 2019
Georgia Fowler Puts Her Incredible Bikini Body On Full Display

Kiwi model Georgia Fowler recently took to her Instagram page and posted some sultry pics that left her fans' jaws dropped.

In the snaps, Georgia could be seen wearing a barely there printed bikini that allowed her to flaunt her incredible assets.

In the first picture, the hottie posed while getting ready to play beach soccer. She could be seen lying on the sand while pulling a sock up her leg. In the second snap, she could be seen kicking the ball with her leg.

The model wore no makeup and tied her hair into a sleek ponytail to pull off a very sporty look. Within less than an hour of going live, the snaps have amassed more than 11,000 likes and close to a hundred comments.

Commenting on the snap, one of her fans said that Georgia has amazing abs and legs, adding that the model represents everyone's body goals.

Another fan wrote that Georgia is incredibly pretty, while a third follower opined that Georgia is the most beautiful model on Instagram.

Apart from her usual fans and followers, Georgia's post was also liked by some of her fellow models and Instagram celebrities. These included Meri Gulin, Victoria Lee, Carmella Rose, Alannah Walton, and fashion photographer Daniel Bruno Grandl.

Prior to posting the snap, Georgia stunned her fans with a very stylish up-close image of herself where she could be seen sporting a pair of black sunglasses along with an aviation headset as she was sitting in an airplane or helicopter. She also informed her fans in the caption that the picture was captured while Georgia was flying.

The model opted for a gray T-shirt and a slick of pink lipstick that accentuated her plump lips. According to the geotag, the snap was captured in New York, but Georgia didn't specify exactly where the snap was taken or what was she up to.

As of this writing, the snap has racked up more than 23,000 likes and over 120 comments where fans praised her for her sense of style and beautiful looks, which proves that the hottie doesn't necessarily need to show off skin to attract her fans' attention.

Although Georgia is doing quite well as a Victoria's Secret model, she has had her fair share of struggles before finally being selected by the lingerie giant to represent the brand. According to an article by Vogue, Georgia shared her experience of being rejected by Victoria's Secret a few times. She, however, didn't take it personally.
"Getting cast isn't really about whether you're the most beautiful or not, it can be for so many reasons. I'd tell myself to take it all with a pinch of salt, and always love yourself and it'll be okay. You can't be everyone's favorite, so you shouldn't even try and change yourself."