Five Crashes In 12 Hours On British Road Send Cars Into Neighbors’ Yards, Gardens

Five Crashes In 12 Hours

With five crashes in 12 hours this week, one winding road is being called the most dangerous in all of Britain.

The string of crashes took place on Sunday night and Monday morning on a road outside a pair of ancient cottages, the Daily Mail noted. The first crash happened when a woman swerved off the road and into some nearby yards. Minutes later, another driver lost control and ended up landing in a yard.

The crashes were scary enough for neighbors, but it wasn’t finished there, the Sun noted. The next morning there were three more crashes.

Residents in the area say they don’t know what caused the five crashes in 12 hours, but speculate that it may have been a new road surface. Local officials don’t think that’s the case, however. A spokesman for the local fire service said the road has been inspected and there are no defects.

The problems with the road have been addressed before. At a meeting last year, the local parish council heard from a number of residents concerned over the dangers of the bend in the road there. The council said it was looking into the possibility of altering the road.

But that was no consolation to the families who heard five crashes in 12 hours outside their doors.


‘It was pretty scary to see five crashes outside the house in the space of 12 hours,” said Steve Cobbin, who said he’s seen many crashes outside the 300-year-old cabins. “Over the last few years we’ve had four cars in our garden and a minibus on the wall following accidents.”

The five crashes in 12 hours may not have even been the most memorable road incident to take place there, Cobbin said. A truck once crashed there, spilling its entire load of beer into his garden.