July 7, 2019
Amy Duggar Fires Back After Fan Calls Her Disrespectful For Posting Baby Bump Photo

Amy Duggar is 26 weeks pregnant with her first child and she has been sharing plenty of baby bump photos along the way. Unfortunately, her family has suffered a lot of losses over the course of just a few short months. The most recent tragedy has been the miscarriage of Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth's baby girl. Joy was just six weeks behind her cousin in her pregnancy when she learned that the baby was gone.

Amy has since posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account showing off her growing belly and that sparked a comment from someone who thought it was disrespectful for her to do that so soon after Joy's miscarriage. The photo that started the negativity shows the Duggar cousin walking around at a flea market in Arkansas holding her belly like most pregnant ladies do. She said that she was nursery shopping that day.

That seemed to leave a bad taste in a fan's mouth as they told the expectant mom that she should stop with the baby posts for a few days out of respect. That comment seemingly meant to be about her cousin's recent loss of her baby girl. While supportive fans quickly pointed out that she shouldn't have to stop being happy about her own pregnancy, Amy herself fired back at that particular comment. She said that she won't be apologizing for what is happening in her life.

Amy Duggar wasn't done yet. She had more to say about it in a second comment.

"Also, after what my family has been through how dare you say that to me. This baby is bringing me so much happiness, do you even know how many tears I have cried lately?"
She was talking about losing her Grandmother a few weeks ago in a tragic drowning accident. They were very close. Amy had previously mentioned that they would talk either on the phone or in person a few times a day. She was devastated by the loss. She is also fairly close with her cousins and is heartbroken for Joy, and also for Lauren who miscarried her baby last October.

There is at least one member of the Duggar family who loves seeing her cousin sharing her baby happiness. Jessa Seewald, who just delivered her baby girl a month ago, told Amy that she is a beautiful mama and that she can't wait to meet the little boy that she is carrying.

There are three other Duggar babies that are expected to arrive sometime this fall, in addition to Amy Duggar and her husband Dillon King. Despite the sadness that has come their way lately, they are still choosing to find happiness, and they aren't about to stop sharing it.