Howard Stern Caught In Old Video Bragging About How He Made Jerry Seinfeld's Career Happen

A very telling Howard Stern video from 2013 suddenly hit YouTube this past week, clearly confusing some fans over its content. One viewer even called it "... the worst TED Talk I've ever seen" in the leaked film's comment section on YouTube.

In the vintage offering, the radio and television personality had been teaching his extended staff how he had been able to accomplish so much -- including creating a career for Jerry Seinfeld -- by his presence.

"Jerry Seinfeld had a show called The Seinfeld Chronicles that was about to go off the air. He used our show."

The Seinfeld Chronicles happened to be the pilot for Seinfeld's mega-hit TV show, Seinfeld.

The meeting was called "The Summit: Revolution 2013: Where We're Going And How We're Getting There." That was what the self-proclaimed King of All Media told his captive audience before setting ground rules via PowerPoint.

Jerry Seinfeld wasn't the only celebrity for which the shock jock claimed to have created notoriety. He went after regular guest, Billy Corgan, and even referenced Oprah, as noted by an Alternative Nation transcript of part of Howard's 6-year-old diatribe.

"Billy Corgan's album went into the top ten, he was off the radar until us...this is fact. Billy Corgan was off the radar, he came on The Howard Stern Show and he sold albums. How does every record company in the world not know about this?...we aren't telling them, we aren't doing our jobs. People beg to get on Oprah's show because they think she sells books, they think she sells records. Bull--."
The master of his own ceremonies referred to the success of The Smashing Pumpkins' 2012 album, Oceania.

Howard did back down a bit on his Oprah reference, stating that "in some demographics" Winfrey has been able to help albums sell -- but not as far as "rock and roll" was concerned.

"Somebody puts out a rock book, a rock record, we are the place to go, and the publicists don't think or care about us. Some do, but most don't. We get the same results, but we don't have a book club to track it."
Other high-profile names who had become beholden to Stern, or so he thought in 2013, were Adam Levine, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Whitney Cummings, and Kathy Griffin.

As for Adam Levine?

"[He] owes us, man" Stern stated, referring to the Maroon 5 frontman and former The Voice host. "Nobody was looking for him before The Voice," quoted The Toronto Sun.

After going after all these talents, Howard told his audience he "demanded" each celeb "be booked at least twice" every year.

One way Stern said his people could accomplish his wishes was by writing letters to stars who would be great guests. He also strongly suggested his people create fake Twitter accounts to "get the word out."

"When our core team says to you 'We want to get Lady Gaga on the show,' we've got to bang on people's doors," the colorful personality spouted.

"They're forgetting about us, and I'm pissed."

Finally, as Stern's summit came to a close, he ordered his staff to adopt a fresh dress code, one that is much more put together and corporate than what had previously been status quo.

Apparently, Howard had been doing all he could to clean up his former act from the days in which he pushed all kinds of X-rated acts on his radio show. When this video was produced, Stern had just replaced Piers Morgan on America's Got Talent.